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You high five one another before dropping into what may be one of the best moments of your life, miles from anyone who could potentially take your line. As admitted powderhounds, we know this feeling and we know how to get you there. Whether you seek the tranquility offered by a faraway mountain lodge, the rush of experiencing up to 20,000 vertical feet of powder skiing via helicopter or you just want to get away from the resort for a day to float through endless, untracked fields of snow, our knowledgeable Mountain Travel Experts can help customize your perfect powder-filled vacation from start to finish.

Top Ski Package Deals at Powder Resorts

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Powder Trip Options

Heli-Skiing Trips

heli skiing vacations, heli trips, heli packages

Not just for experts, heli-skiing is an unrivaled powder experience. Ride in a helicopter to access hundreds of thousands of untouched powder-bound acres.

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Cat-Skiing Trips

cat skiing trips

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground or don't have the budget for heli-skiing, [snow]cat-skiing provides a similar experience, including boundless terrain and powder stashes.

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Japan + B.C. Guided Trips

powder trips, guided powder trips

Let us do the legwork for you, including planning, booking and guiding, so you can save your legs for Japan and British Columbia's renowned powder. Spots are still available.

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Top resorts for abundant annual snowfall

Find powder-blessed, in-bounds adventures at the resorts listed below. Year in and year out, these resorts are consistently the most reliable for deep snow.

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