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At, our dedicated team of 65+ travel professionals love the mountains and want nothing more than to deliver the best ski vacation experience to each and every one of our valued customers. We live and breathe mountain culture, and we want our clients to experience skiing’s top resorts firsthand. For each free quote, our skiers and riders are matched with their very own Mountain Travel Expert.

Averaging 28 years of experience in the ski travel industry, the men and women of have toured every hotel, condo, private home and can help you find the ideal accommodations. Plus, they can package your flights, rental cars, equipment rentals, ski lessons and more so you don’t have to lift a finger—except for clicking a few buttons.

Ready to go? matches every quote with a dedicated Mountain Travel Expert who is ready to make sure you book the best ski vacation possible. Nobody gets why you crave time in the mountains more than we do and nobody knows how to guide you there better.

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Trattler Adam

Adam Trattler

Adam Trattler has been with since 2021
Call Adam Trattler
800-908-5000 ext 3326
Denney Ann

Ann Denney

Ann Denney has been with since 1985
Call Ann Denney
800-908-5000 ext 3657
Luczkow Anthony

Anthony Luczkow

Anthony Luczkow has been with since 2013
Call Anthony Luczkow
800-908-5000 ext 3191
Cerimele Chris

Chris Cerimele

Chris Cerimele has been with since 2022
Call Chris Cerimele
800-908-5000 ext 3758
Connolly Christine

Christine Connolly

Christine Connolly has been with since 1996
Call Christine Connolly
800-908-5000 ext 3628
Bruce Cindy

Cindy Bruce

Cindy Bruce has been with since 2001
Call Cindy Bruce
800-908-5000 ext 3629
Smith Colin

Colin Smith

Colin Smith has been with since 2016
Call Colin Smith
800-908-5000 ext 3509
Morrell Connie

Connie Morrell

Connie Morrell has been with since 1975
Call Connie Morrell
800-908-5000 ext 3323
McAlpine Cory

Cory McAlpine

Cory McAlpine has been with since 2007
Call Cory McAlpine
800-908-5000 ext 3515
Flach Dana

Dana Flach

Dana Flach has been with since 1985
Call Dana Flach
800-908-5000 ext 3421
Leffler Danielle

Danielle Leffler

Danielle Leffler has been with since 2006
Call Danielle Leffler
800-908-5000 ext 3348
Smith Darin

Darin Smith

Darin Smith has been with since 2002
Call Darin Smith
800-908-5000 ext 3754
Murphy Deanna

Deanna Murphy

Deanna Murphy has been with since 1999
Call Deanna Murphy
800-908-5000 ext 3008
Fox Derek

Derek Fox

Derek Fox has been with since 2020
Call Derek Fox
800-908-5000 ext 3270
Mooney Erin

Erin Mooney

Erin Mooney has been with since 1996
Call Erin Mooney
800-908-5000 ext 3677
Saiya Gloria

Gloria Saiya

Gloria Saiya has been with since 1987
Call Gloria Saiya
800-908-5000 ext 3028
Graz Jennie

Jennie Graz

Jennie Graz has been with since 2005
Call Jennie Graz
800-908-5000 ext 3757
Baiocchi Jessica

Jessica Baiocchi

Jessica Baiocchi has been with since 1999
Call Jessica Baiocchi
800-908-5000 ext 3115
Nilson Kai

Kai Nilson

Kai Nilson has been with since 2005
Call Kai Nilson
800-908-5000 ext 3508
Morlind Katie

Katie Morlind

Katie Morlind has been with since 1991
Call Katie Morlind
800-908-5000 ext 3335
Schreiner Kim

Kim Schreiner

Kim Schreiner has been with since 2023
Call Kim Schreiner
800-908-5000 ext 3780
Bell Kristine

Kristine Bell

Kristine Bell has been with since 1998
Call Kristine Bell
800-908-5000 ext 3442
Ann Nelson Laurel

Laurel Ann Nelson

Laurel Ann Nelson has been with since 2006
Call Laurel Ann Nelson
800-908-5000 ext 3043
McKinnon Laurie

Laurie McKinnon

Laurie McKinnon has been with since 1984
Call Laurie McKinnon
800-908-5000 ext 3117
Close LeeAnn

LeeAnn Close

LeeAnn Close has been with since 1995
Call LeeAnn Close
800-908-5000 ext 3105
Shor Leslie

Leslie Shor

Leslie Shor has been with since 1994
Call Leslie Shor
800-908-5000 ext 3671
Howard Lilly

Lilly Howard

Lilly Howard has been with since 2004
Call Lilly Howard
800-908-5000 ext 3517
Esteban Marcela

Marcela Esteban

Marcela Esteban has been with since 2004
Call Marcela Esteban
800-908-5000 ext 3041
Cutler Marcie

Marcie Cutler

Marcie Cutler has been with since 1997
Call Marcie Cutler
800-908-5000 ext 3321
Hawks Marcie

Marcie Hawks

Marcie Hawks has been with since 2010
Call Marcie Hawks
800-908-5000 ext 3444
Oleksy Michal

Michal Oleksy

Michal Oleksy has been with since 2014
Call Michal Oleksy
800-908-5000 ext 3314
Otero Michelle

Michelle Otero

Michelle Otero has been with since 1989
Call Michelle Otero
800-908-5000 ext 3302
Johnson Mickey

Mickey Johnson

Mickey Johnson has been with since 2014
Call Mickey Johnson
800-908-5000 ext 3122
Courcier Nicki

Nicki Courcier

Nicki Courcier has been with since 2018
Call Nicki Courcier
800-908-5000 ext 3501
Howard Randall

Randall Howard

Randall Howard has been with since 1989
Call Randall Howard
800-908-5000 ext 3502
Polglaze Ray

Ray Polglaze

Ray Polglaze has been with since 2005
Call Ray Polglaze
800-908-5000 ext 3366
Livingston Rich

Rich Livingston

Rich Livingston has been with since 2000
Call Rich Livingston
800-908-5000 ext 3023
Thomas Sara

Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas has been with since 1999
Call Sara Thomas
800-908-5000 ext 3658
Jensen Shanon

Shanon Jensen

Shanon Jensen has been with since 2021
Call Shanon Jensen
800-908-5000 ext 3194
Cura Silvana

Silvana Cura

Silvana Cura has been with since 1999
Call Silvana Cura
800-908-5000 ext 3351
Eve Boyd Stephanie

Stephanie Eve Boyd

Stephanie Eve Boyd has been with since 2009
Call Stephanie Eve Boyd
800-908-5000 ext 3190
Gonzalez Susan

Susan Gonzalez

Susan Gonzalez has been with since 1994
Call Susan Gonzalez
800-908-5000 ext 3753
Roach Teddy

Teddy Roach

Teddy Roach has been with since 2023
Call Teddy Roach
800-908-5000 ext 3032
Coxe Tench

Tench Coxe

Tench Coxe has been with since 2006
Call Tench Coxe
800-908-5000 ext 3653

Customer Response Specialists

Couchman Amy

Amy Couchman

Amy Couchman has been with since 2023
Call Amy Couchman
800-908-5000 ext 3036
Jenick Cody

Cody Jenick

Cody Jenick has been with since 2021
Call Cody Jenick
800-908-5000 ext 3401
Howard Emma

Emma Howard

Emma Howard has been with since 2023
Call Emma Howard
800-908-5000 ext 3034
Mastrocola Gabriela

Gabriela Mastrocola

Gabriela Mastrocola has been with since 2023
Call Gabriela Mastrocola
800-908-5000 ext 3038
Hickey Jolie

Jolie Hickey

Jolie Hickey has been with since 2024
Call Jolie Hickey
800-908-5000 ext 3083

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