As we get further into the winter season, our collective attention on snow forecasts peaks. We start combing weather websites for clues, comparing expert opinions and indulging in superstitious behavior. But there’s another sign of our affliction that puzzles non-skiers: we get ridiculously excited at the sight of new-snow photos, whether it’s a sad centimeter weighing down the last summer blooms or an mid-season dump covering ski runs with a foot of fresh powder. If this sounds like you, we are here to help. Ski.com stays up to date on all things snow and shows you the best deals available.

The 2019-20 ski season has begun and resorts are continuing to get hit with snow storms every week! Stay up to date and see which destinations are getting the most snow and how you can save on your ski trip.

Need help planning your ski trip? Let our Mountain Travel Experts do the work for you!

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