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    Getting to Zermatt

    Getting to Zermatt is quite convenient, the resort is located just a couple hours away from three major hubs: Geneva, Zurich and Milan. Geneva is the most convenient and just over two hours from Zermatt, receiving international flights daily. Both Geneva and Zurich are well integrated with the Swiss railway, so there’s really no need to rent a car on a Zermatt ski vacation, especially since the resort is car-free. Cars are not permitted within the last four miles of the resort, and must be parked. Cars are charged a night rate to park, and guests then have to transfer to a train for the last couple miles. So instead, take the celebrated Swiss railway. Traveling by train is not only ideal because of convenience and promptness—hourly connections run to Zermatt for all major gateways—but you can truly begin your ski vacation as soon as you board and sit down. The views are breathtaking.

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