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Getting your skis, poles, boots, snowboard or luggage to and from your ski destination is a piece of cake, said no one ever. However, just because it’s been a thorny experience in the past doesn’t mean it has to remain so.

Enter Ship Skis, an industry-leading shipping service provider for your winter snow ski gear. Here’s why you will want to give them a try on your next trip to the mountains:

  1. Use your own beloved equipment

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    If you’ve spent a pretty penny on your ski or snowboard setup and lots of time tinkering with your local boot fitter to get those boots perfectly canted, complete with heaters, then it probably seems counter-intuitive—and a darn shame—to leave them at home on your next ski trip. You’re going to ski or ride better if you have them in tow, which means a better overall experience. Ensure your ski-trip satisfaction and bring your gear along this year.

  2. Say buh-bye to skyrocketing baggage fees, save with lower Ship Skis costs

    According to a CNN Money article, U.S. airlines collected $4.2 billion in baggage fees in 2016, which is up by 10% from 2015, despite the fact that passengers are checking fewer bags. Most airlines are simply hiking their fees. For domestic travel, you could pay upwards of $65 for your first checked bag and up to $200 for overweight bags—each way. Starting as low as $39.99 each way, you’ll find that cost less than what you pay through the airlines.

  3. You can also ship luggage

    Let’s say you’ve planned a two-week tour of the Alps’ top resorts or a 10-day excursion on the Powder Highway you’re going to need to bring a variety of clothing and personal items. With Ship Skis services you can pack everything you need in a larger piece of luggage and ship it along with your skis or board, avoiding extra or overweight baggage fees. There is no question that this service provides the solution that every skier has long dreamt of.

  4. Reduce the risk of lost or damaged items

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    Photo: Jaysin Trevino/Flickr

    A 2014 study showed that more than 24 million bags were mishandled, i.e., delayed, damaged, lost or stolen by airlines. Of those, about eight in 10 were simply delayed. If you arrive at your planned ski destination and it’s a powder day, and your beloved powder skis or board don’t, you’ve become an avoidable statistic and missed what could have been the best day of your life. To provide every precaution and ensure your gear gets where you are, Ship Skis offers $500 of complimentary insurance, allowing you to purchase up to $3,500 for each item shipped.

  5. Eliminate the schlep factor

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    Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism – By-Line: Geerk

    Skis and poles or snowboards are not small pieces of gear. They’re long and cumbersome and make getting around an airport and, moreover, into ground transportation (think: trains or full shuttles) quite difficult. Add in busy holiday congestion (and a couple of tired kids) and the scenario becomes downright unpleasant. Hassle-free service is a specialty, offering you and your family the convenience factor not found anywhere else.

  6. Easy-to-follow shipping instructions

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    Ship Skis shipping process is a cinch. Simply visit and complete the online form, specifying your pickup and delivery locations. When it’s time to ship prior to travel, pack your gear in a soft travel bag, hard travel case or cardboard box and print and attach the shipping label to the box or travel case. You can also opt to have the carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) pick up from a selected location during a specific window of time or you can drop off your gear at a local carrier or retail store.