Now in their 36th year of operations, Whistler Heli-Skiing’s massive tenure is 50 times the size of the resort, consisting of 432,000 acres of classic, high-alpine powder fields, 173 glaciers and 475 runs. For intermediate skiers or riders and above, there’s a gamut of advantages when it comes to heli skiing vs. resort skiing, especially if spectacular views, untracked powder and unlimited terrain are high on your list.

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Whistler Heli-Skiing offers three packages, each custom designed for intermediates through experts. We compiled a roundup of the options and what you can expect during a typical day with Whistler Heli-Skiing.

Ability Guide to Whistler Heli-Skiing

If you…

  • …can ski or ride blue runs with little trouble doing parallel turns down the fall line.
  • …can ski or ride black runs, occasionally.
  • …are not comfortable on double black runs.
  • …have limited experience with different snow conditions and powder.
  • …prefer a slower pace of the day with short pitches of skiing and lots of breaks for skiing tips and picture opportunities.

Suggested Package:

Classic Experience

Starting from:$742
  • 3 runs (extra runs: $100/run)
  • Group size: Up to 10 people
  • Helicopter: Bell 205/212
  • Vertical: Approx. 4,500-7,500ft (1,400-2,400m)
  • Heli-picnic by Bearfoot Bistro
  • Photographer/videographer ride-along with an opportunity to buy during après at Bearfoot Bistro

If you…

  • …have been skiing/riding for years and often. Blues are easy.
  • …regularly ski or ride black runs.
  • …will ski or ride double blacks if the conditions are right.
  • …love powder and seek it out.
  • …prefer a quicker pace, longer pitches of skiing, but an overall relaxed experience.

Suggested Package:

Elite Adventure

Starting from:$816
  • 4 runs (extra runs: $100/run)
  • Group size: Up to 10 people
  • Helicopter: Bell 205/212
  • Vertical: Approx. 6,000-10,000ft (1,800-3,500m)
  • Heli-picnic by Bearfoot Bistro
  • Photographer/videographer ride-along with an opportunity to buy during après at Bearfoot Bistro

If you…

  • …have no problems skiing or riding any blue runs.
  • …have no problems skiing or riding any black runs.
  • …have no problems skiing or riding any double-black runs.
  • …love deep powder, like to ski or ride it fast and rarely fall.
  • …prefer long pitches and minimal stopping.

Suggested Package:

Ultimate Excursion

Starting from:$1049
  • 6 runs (extra runs: $100/run)
  • Group size: Up to 5 people
  • Helicopter: Bell 407
  • Vertical: Approx. 9,000-15,000ft (2,700-4,600m)
  • Heli-picnic by Bearfoot Bistro
  • Photographer/videographer ride-along with an opportunity to buy during après at Bearfoot Bistro

What to expect with Whistler Heli-Skiing

What to wear heli skiing

  • If you’re renting powder skis or a board from Whistler Heli-Skiing’s Powder Hut, bring your own ski or snowboard boots and poles.
    • Note: Be sure to complete rentals the evening before your heli day.
  • Wear the same baselayers and outerwear that you’d wear to ski on the resort.
  • Googles are a must.
  • Sunscreen is mandatory in the spring.
  • Helmets are recommended, but at least bring a warm winter hat.
  • All participants are provided with, and must wear, a backpack with a shovel and probe.
  • Sorry, chest-mounted POVs and personal music players are not allowed.

Morning Schedule

  • 24 hours prior to your reservation, check in at the Whistler Heli-Skiing Lodget at the Carleton Lodge. During check in, you’ll sign a liability waiver and provide contact info.
  • 8:15 a.m. – if you’re renting equipment, check in at the Carleton Lodge.
  • 8:30 a.m. – guests not requiring equipment rentals can check in.
    • Note: if your heli-day is canceled due to weather or snow conditions, you’ll be telephoned between 7:45 a.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Next, you’ll meet your guide in the Powder Hut and the group will assemble for heli-ski instruction, i.e. how to properly load and unload the helicopter.
  • Then, you’ll head to the Whistler Heliport, which is a 10-minute drive north of Whistler Village, for beacon/transceiver orientation, i.e. how to find a buried group member in the event of an avalanche. Being involved in an avalanche is extremely unlikely, but it’s always key to know before you go.
  • Before you know it, you’ll be loaded into the helicopter flying to a powder-hounds paradise.
    • Note: For first-time heli fliers, don’t worry about motion sickness, helicopters are surprisingly stable, smooth rides.

About Whistler Heli-Skiing Guides

Whistler Heli-Skiing’s professional guides are fully certified in avalanche safety and rescue, backcountry navigation and snow science, i.e. they know how to read the snow for optimal safety and enjoyment. Plus, they’re locals and know the ample tenure like the back of their hand. Your guide will choose the zone you’ll be skiing for the day based on current conditions, which include factors like wind, temperature and new snowfall.


Apres heli-skiing

What better to cap off what might be one of the best days of your life, with a proper apres-ski? Whistler Heli-Skiing has partnered with one of Whistler Village’s most lauded restaurants to offer guests an incredible post-heli-skiing experience. Depending on the package you selected, you’ll arrive at the Bearfoot Bistro Heli Lounge, located in the back of Bearfoot Bistro, between 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. While you sip on your drink of choice or refuel with Bearfoot Bistro’s award-winning gnosh, you can relive your day through a video and photo presentation. The apres is a cash bar and friends and family are welcome.

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