On October 30, we announced our hire for Ski.com’s Epic Dream Job, Jackson Lebsack, 19, of Bozeman, Mont. Now that he’s had some time to take it all in we decided to check in with him prior to the next phase, which kicks off in early January with him traveling to 18+ destinations available on the Epic Pass.

What inspired you to apply to the job?

JL: My main inspiration for applying was seeing the criteria for the perfect candidate: a passionate skier, storyteller and traveler. I just had this strong gut feeling that told me I could be the one.

Watch Jackson’s application video:

Were you surprised when you were offered it?

JL: I was so surprised! At first, I was told I was a finalist which got me super psyched, but then three days later I got the call with the offer and I almost fell over in my chair.

How did you become such a talented videographer and photographer at such a young age?

JL: I think a lot of the credit goes to YouTube. I’m so fortunate to live in a day and age where so much is accessible. I spent the first two years of my career learning everything online and I continue to do so today. I always want to better myself and there’s no excuse to stop when I have something like the internet. See Jackson’s work on his YouTube channel.

What excites you most about the job?

JL: There’s so much to be excited for, but I think I’m most pumped to travel and ski at some of the world’s finest mountains. I’m also super stoked to film and tell the story of each destination. I think it will be so much fun to capture a place like Japan through my medium of film.

What kind of story do you want to tell while you’re traveling around the world?

JL: As the job gets closer, I’m sure my ideas will evolve as they always do, but as of right now, I want to tell my personal story of each destination. I think I’m going to capture this journey in a webisode fashion where I narrate about each place touching on my thoughts about the culture, the people, the resort and the skiing itself along with how great the Epic Pass really is.

What kind of style describes your skiing?

JL: Growing up on a mountain [Hood River] that’s filled with wind lips, rolling slopes, cornices and some of the world’s best parks, I’d say my skiing is best defined as playful. Even in the big mountains, I love skiing switch, jumping, hopping, skipping and everything in between.

What other interesting places have you traveled to already?

JL: I’m so fortunate to say that my job has enabled me to see some pretty incredible parts of the world including Nepal, Dubai, Baja, Molokai, Kauai, Maui and couple islands in the Bahamas.

What have you learned in your travels?

JL: Every time I travel I learn so much. In Nepal, I learned to be grateful and focus on the things I have as opposed to the things I don’t. In Baja, I learned to embrace life in the slow lane. I feel like the U.S. has such a go, go, go mentality that has rubbed off on me. I tended to get anxious when I’m not doing something, but now I have found the inner peace that comes from just chilling.

How do you think your age affects this entire job experience from skiing and traveling to video capturing and storytelling?

JL: I think being so young makes the experience that much more exciting. I’ve only really started travelling a lot within the last six months, so it’s all still super fresh and fun for me. Travelling makes me feel alive and skiing has been my passion since I could walk. So much of these experiences will be new for me like traveling to Europe and skiing outside of North America. I’m going to be a kid in a candy store. As for filming and story telling, it’s always been my dream to do this as a full-time career and see the world along the way.  Ski.com’s Epic Dream Job is truly the best gig I could’ve ever asked for!

Are there any culinary or cultural experiences that you hope to check off your list during your travels?

JL: Honestly, there isn’t. I like to go into my travels with no expectations and let the place, people and culture reveal itself to me. I feel that if I go into this with an open mind about each location, I’ll be able to find which aspects truly stand out the most to me.