Park City, Utah is making headlines this February as it reports record-breaking snowfall, with a staggering 102 inches already blanketing the region. Park City Mountain, UT, affectionately dubbing itself “Febu-buried,” proudly claims this description while experiencing its snowiest February ever recorded.

In a social media post shared on Park City Mountain’s Instagram account, a jealousy-inducing image showcases the fluffy powder accumulation. Their caption reads, “You might say we’ve been ‘Februburried’ with 102 of snowfall this month to date with more in the forecast 👀 This is officially our snowiest February on record!”

The fluctuating nature of seasons is evident in the ski resort community. Park City showcases this trend with its 14/15 season recording a mere 154 inches, followed by an average season, and culminating in the remarkable 16/17 season with 404 inches of snowfall, the highest until 2022/23.

Last year, Park City experienced a remarkable 612 inches of snowfall, setting the stage for another impressive season. Last February, Park City saw an average snowfall of 61 inches. However, this month has surpassed expectations with an incredible 102 inches of snowfall already recorded. And February isn’t over. 

With images capturing skiers reveling in the powder turns at Park City Mountain this month, it’s evident that February is shaping up to be an exceptional month for many resorts. After a dry start to the season, this abundant snowfall serves as a redemption for ski travelers eagerly awaiting prime skiing conditions.


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