With the advent of modern technology like rockered skis, heated gondolas with wi-fi and technical outerwear customized for a variety of weather conditions, it’s hard to say that any time other now was the best time to be a skier. But, there’s something really awesome about having lived and skied through the “early days.”

In the ’70s, the West was still wild, and it was the decade when freestyle skiing, aka “hot doggin’”started. Back then, all you needed was skis, boots, poles, sunglasses, a sweater and some sort of Lycra pant and you were slope ready. Mogul and jump competitions would pop up all over the mountain, and everyone was welcome and eager to show off their tricks. It’s no wonder many skiers and riders pay homage to this bygone era during closing-day celebrations. Here are some tips on how to make this decade your own:

1. Don flared bib pants (preferably rainbow or stripped)

Nab this look for women on Shinesty.com.


2. Track down a tight-fitting ski sweater or a retro vest

Men can score these retro duds on Shinesty.com.

3. Aviators are a must

Whether they’re vintage ’70s Sunclouds (pictured below), modern Ray-Bans or cheap, plastic-framed aviators, you’re going to need these shades to complete the look.

70s aviator sunglasses skiing

4. Colorful, puffy mittens are a great accessory

Scoop up these mitts on Esty, and keep your dome warm with this retro ’70s hat from Tipsy Elves.

5. Pin down your technique

To cap off your ’70s style, you’re going to want to study 70s-era ski technique. This trailer from Winter Equinox, circa 1974, gives a great glimpse into the groovy decade’s ski style.