Times are tense and what better way to relieve tension than a good, old fashioned belly laugh after a generous serving of hot wings?

Starting this week, Ski.com will begin a weekly series featuring our favorite recipes alongside ski films that fit the culinary mood. For our first installment, we’re sharing the very first ever, original Buffalo Wing recipe that goes great with the beer you’ll be drinking whilst watching the snowboard comedy classic, Out Cold.

Today, we’ll be putting together the sports bar favorite named after the city in which the menu staple became popular. According to Parade, the first original recipe for “Buffalo Wings” was crafted in Buffalo, NY by Teressa Bellissimo, who served up a plate of deep fried chicken wings, tossed in hot sauce at her downtown watering hole, Anchor Bar in 1964. Served alongside blue cheese and celery, this classic recipe has stood the test of time and if you’ve never been satisfied with home cooked wings, that’s all about to change.

The home of the original | Photo Credit: Breville USA


  • 2.5 lbs of chicken wings
  • Peanut Oil
  • 1 Cup of Anchor Bar Wing Sauce (learn how to make here)
  • Blue cheese dressing
  • Fresh celery
Photo Credit:Yuri Long


  • Pat wings with a paper towel until dry
  • Fill a large pot with up to 4″ of peanut oil
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fill a large pot with 2 to 3 inches of the cooking oil and bring to medium heat
  • Fry wings 3 at a time for 10 minutes with plenty of room between wings
  • Remove fried wings and place on a baking pan in the oven to stay warm while you cook the rest of your chicken wings
  • Fill a large mixing bowl with Anchor Bar Wing Sauce and proceed to toss the wings
  • Serve alongside blue cheese dressing and celery

Out Cold

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