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Experts say we’re in for a very tough week ahead as the confirmed COVID-19 case number is projected to spike globally. And while staying at home is still the best thing most of us can do, there are hundreds of thousands of medical workers who continue battling this infectious disease on a daily basis.

To keep these warriors properly protected, we’re calling on skiers and snowboarders to donate their goggles so that these brave souls can go to the front lines safely and with confidence.

“I am at MetroWest Medical Center working for the ED Physician group. He have begun to receive goggle donations. Thank you so very much to all those who are sending in goggles. We really appreciate the speed in which this is happening and for people’s generosity!”

While people can drop off at various locations across the United States, Goggles for Docs is asking that you do your best to send goggles directly to the hospitals that need them.

You can find a list of hospitals in need broken down by state on GogglesForDocs.com.

Here’s How It Works:

Select a State: You will be directed to a google sheet for the specific state you choose. You can click through tabs at the bottom for each hospital in that state that has opted in.

Select a Hospital: Check the top of the sheet, if the % of the required goggles has exceeded 100%, pick another hospital. Share the love.

Enter Info: From there just add your info, the number of goggles that you are willing to commit (make sure you do this because YOU are the inventory control!) Once you are done…share.

Prepare: Prepare the goggles for donation by following these guidelines (or watch this video).

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Mail: Mail (preferably overnight ship) the goggles to your hospital of choice.

Drop Off: There are drop-off locations listed on the site, but using a drop-off will slow down health care workers on the front lines, from getting the goggles they need.

Spread the Word: As COVID moves through each region, more and more goggles will be needed.

Visit GogglesForDocs.com for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legit?
Yes. The original request came by way of an ER physician who is a department head at a large NYC hospital ED. His aunt is a race coach who works at Catamount Ski Area. We created a share system whereby the hospitals add themselves to a master list.

What if I have glasses? Can I still wear these goggles?
Sport RX has graciously offered to donate prescription inserts for any healthcare workers who need them for the goggles donated through this initaitve.

What guidelines should I follow to donate safely?
Be sure to follow these guidelines if you drop off or mail goggles.

Tinted or clear lenses?
Either. They have nothing. Dark lenses are better than a COVID cough to the face.

Used or new goggles?
Most of these goggles will be used. Again, used lenses are better than a COVID cough to the face.

How fast should I ship?
Overnight. They need them now.

What should I use to ship them?
The service you use to ship is up to you. Here are some links. UPSFedEx, and USPS all allow printing shipping labels at home. Watch this video for tips on packing, sealing, and labeling your package.

Will other hospitals join?
Yes! Keep checking the state list.

Can I help?
Absolutely. Right now we need regional coordinators and drop off locations.