Chamonix, France is a historic ski destination with stories that fill the books of ski lore. The village is nestled at the base of some of the highest peaks in the Alps with glaciers, crags and spires as its constant backdrop. This particular slice of the French Alps has been a proving ground for some of the best skiers and riders in the world, but it draws more than just those who crave sliding on snow.  The town has everything from casinos, Michelin-star restaurants and top-of-the-line French dining to couture shopping and après-ski culture that makes anything stateside look like child’s play. This emblematic town is where legends are made and where classic mountain brands are born. 

Chamonix, France


Because Chamonix draws such top-tier mountain enthusiasts and inspires anyone who has ever set foot there, it’s only appropriate that it has also become the birthplace of well-known and iconic ski brands. One of the most recent and notable brands to be born in Chamonix is blackcrows. If you haven’t heard the word blackcrows casually mentioned in gear shops in your town or seen their vibrant skis while sharing lift rides with other skiers, you may not be paying attention. 

The brand emerged in 2006 from the minds of friends (and ex-professional skiers), Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet. Their shared vision was to establish a ski brand that linked style, creativity, art and performance. At the core of blackcrows’ philosophy was the aspiration to be game changers in the industry. Their emergence marked a shift in the landscape of ski equipment and culture, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality that resonated with skiers worldwide. blackcrows fosters a culture that celebrates the spirit of skiing as an art form.  


Anima Birdie 2, Photo Credit: blackcrows

From their website: “The blackcrows story is foremost about a group of friends determined to fulfill their ambitions and unafraid to challenge the norm.” With an investor backing them, they set out to create a ski that could handle the steep and deep faces of Grand Motets. “A ski that would go fast, float, perform well but also be playful. There was no computer, it was designed on a piece of paper,” Camille Jaccoux told the Financial Times in 2023. 

The name for blackrows was realized from the choughs (a Eurasian and North African crow) that circle Alpine crags and peaks. In Chamonix, legend goes that these birds are the reincarnated souls of mountain guides. Jaccoux told the Financial Times, “There are stories about the birds in many civilizations, they live together as group, and there was also this American rock band, so we said ‘That’s cool.’” 

They started by pressing 350 pairs of their first model, the Corvus. They quickly sold out and sparked an interest that raged across inner ski circles throughout Europe.  


Bruno Compagnet is described by POWDER Magazine as “the mysterious French master.” He embodies the true spirit of the term“ski bum,” the kind who moved to the mountain and has dedicated the soul mission of their life to everything the mountains have to offer. Part of Compagnet’s allure is his humble approach to the art and style of freeskiing. He has an impressive and historic ski resume backing up his dedication to the sport. He is self-described as “just a silly hippie in a van,” but his success as a professional skier is anything but.

Camille Jaccoux, a former pro skier and a stunt double for James Bond, grew up in Chamonix. Like most children in this picturesque mountain town, he fell in love with skiing at a young age. He joined the race team but lacked interest in the competitive spirit needed to succeed at ski racing. He found his true love for skiing in the thrill and art of free-riding. Jaccoux’s aesthetic is city sleek, hip and clean. He has a deep love of cities and the creative, frenetic energy that embodies cities like Paris, New York and London. Urban worlds where “electronic music, art, design and fashion intersect,” his bio on the blackcrows website professes. For those who share a similar passion, there is an understanding of how hard it can be to find a healthy balance between love for the city and love of the mountains. Jaccoux found a way to create a brand that effortlessly intersects these two seemingly conflicting ideals. 

blackcrows, with its creative approach to ski design and manufacturing, is committed to pushing the boundaries of gear innovation and has expanded into outerwear. The brand’s growth is distinctly marked by the symbiotic relationship of Mr. Compagnet and Mr. Jaccoqux as well as an incredible group of visionaries behind them. Currently employing 55 individuals, blackcrows has carved a niche for itself in the market, with its skis crafted in European factories. The brand’s vision for the future encompasses launching retail stories at key cities and ski resorts around the world, starting with the recent opening of their marquee store in Paris. This move signifies a drive to be a more integral part of ski communities around the world

THE PERFECT PAIRING has been in the game for a long time, since 1971 to be exact. As the largest ski vacation package provider in the world, we pride ourselves on curating the best experiences for our customers at the top resorts and accommodations. Similarly, we meticulously select industry partners that align with our commitment to excellence and are known as some of the top brands in the outdoor industry. blackcrows, with its excellent quality, sleek styles and flawless reputation, is the epitome of what we look for and we are proud to call them our official ski partner.  

In a gesture to celebrate our shared vision of skiing as an art form, we thought it would be fun to curate a short list of our favorite blackcrows skis and the Chamonix ski resort we find them best fitted for. The pairing was simple as the quiver of skis offered by blackcrows is as diverse as the valley they come from. 

Mirus Cor → Les Houches

The Miris Cor is an excellent ski made specifically for lift-accessed terrain, groomed slopes and choppy surfaces. These all-terrain skis blend perfectly with the to-die-for Alpine scenery and diverse ski terrain found at Les Houches ski resort. 

Mirus Cor 20, Photo Credit: blackcrows

Corvus → Grand Motets

The Corvus, blackcrows’ original ski model, is the king of the castle when it comes to big mountain terrain. Grand Motets has some of the steepest verticals in the world, on and off the glacier. This is where long and high runs of Alpine descent culminate in tree skiing at the bottom of the resort, and the Corvus eats that type of terrain for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Corvus Freebird 3, Photo Credit: blackcrows

Atris → Brevent

The Atris ski is designed for the everyday skier who is ready to tackle big mountain skiing. It is approachable and adaptable, catering to skiers who look for outstanding performance in powder and diverse conditions. The Brévent ski area is the perfect complement to the Atris ski with its incredible array of off-piste terrain that is easily accessible.

Atris 7, Photo Credit: blackcrows

Camox  → Le Flegere

The Camox is renowned for its forgiving nature and playful characteristics, making it an ideal choice for those inspired by freestyle skiing. The ski has an effective edge that offers good stability and grip at high speeds. This all-terrain ski is perfect for the playful groomers, long runs and off-piste terrain of Le Flegere. 

Camox Freebird 6, Photo Credit: blackcrows

 Nocta → Vallee Blanche

The legendary Nocta, now in its third iteration, was primarily crafted for conquering pristine powder. This ski boasts a distinctive asymmetrical design, ensuring stability and confidence at any speed. It’s tailored perfectly for those who appreciate the artistry of deep conditions and the trek of the Vallee Blanche. 

Nocta, Photo Credit: blackcrows


The essence of blackcrows is a brand born in legendary Chamonix, France – a place where life is intimately connected to the mountains, echoing tales of adventure and good friends with a shared passion. As the birthplace of Alpine-cool, Chamonix has shaped the very spirit that defines blackcrows skis. 

At, we see iconic brands continue to build the landscape of ski culture, inspiring both seasoned veterans and newbies alike, a level of inspiration we rally to be a part of. It’s not just about skiing; it’s about crafting a lifestyle where the mountains become a canvas for authentic self-expression and a drive to discover the pure joy of untouched powder. 

Anima Birdie 6, Photo Credit: blackcrows


Tailoring our recommendations to the specific terrain and characteristics of each location was not only a fun game for our team, it can be food for thought if you are considering your own ski getaway to France. If Europe is suddenly top of mind, jump on a call with our Mountain Travel Experts who can help craft your idyllic trip to the French Alps or any other ski destination your heart desires.