A significant storm is forecasted for the Front Range of Colorado next week, driven by a low-pressure system originating from the Pacific Northwest. Of course, predicting snowfall isn’t exact, but some models predict several feet of snow for Colorado.

Currently, an active storm cycle is underway in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Whistler has reported 2 feet of snow in the past 24-48 hours and Mt. Baker is reporting 18 inches in 24 hours. Locals are shouting “Winter isn’t over yet!”  Snow is expected to continue at Whistler through Tuesday, with an additional 12-17 inches likely. The Cascades in Washington and Oregon are also experiencing a blessing from Mother Nature with continued snowfall this Miracle March. 

Photo Credit: Powder Chasers

As the low-pressure system moves through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah by Tuesday-Wednesday, areas such as northern and western Idaho and the Teton Range could see significant snowfall, along with the Wasatch Range later in the week. However, the main focus is on where the low-pressure system will set up after moving south from Utah over the 4 corners region, potentially bringing significant snowfall to parts of Colorado and New Mexico.

Models are suggesting the possibility of upwards of 2 feet of snow for the mountains of Colorado, with added confidence for decent snow totals, especially near the Divide. Additionally, areas further west and north of Colorado, as well as New Mexico, may also see substantial snowfall. Stoke is high for a significant storm mid to late next week, although models may change as the event approaches.


It’s not too late to plan a last-minute ski vacation! In fact, our Experts argue, it might be the PERFECT time to plan your ski vacation. It may be March, but those in the know call it “Miracle March.” Late-season storms are known to bring significant snowfall to certain regions. As the snowfall replenishes the snowpack and sets up epic spring ski or riding conditions. The name “Miracle March” suggests that the snowfall is unexpected or miraculous, especially if it significantly exceeds typical snowfall patterns for the month.

In areas like the Rocky Mountains or the Sierra Nevada range in the United States, March can sometimes bring heavy snowstorms that contribute significantly to the overall snowpack and water supply for the region. This late-season snowfall can also extend the skiing and snowboarding season for resorts. If these late-season storms have you jumping for joy, contact a Mountain Travel Expert today to jump on some last-minute deals!