Perfect for flights, chairlifts or long road trips, podcasts [digitally recorded interviews or stories] are great travel companions. They’re also great during long stints in between skiing, i.e. summer, when you just really want to reconnect with your beloved sport and daydream about the white stuff. Warning: they also might induce intense ski cravings. Proceed with caution, but here is a curated list of the top 6 podcasts for skiers.

Powder Radio

powder radio podcast, powder magazine podcast, best podcasts for skiers

Powder Magazine’s Mike Powell hosts Powder Radio and offers subscribers interview-based content from young freeksiers to epic legends and everyone in between, including long-time ski industry vets, filmmakers and more.

Low Pressure

The Low Pressure podcast interviews big-name skiers and industry folk to get their latest and greatest ski stories.

Wintry Mix

wintry mix podcast, ski podcasts

With a tagline “Snow Business | Funny Business” you can only assume the sort of content your ears will enjoy. Wintry Mix spans topics ranging from interviews with longtime ski writers to recent storms, ski industry news, trends and much more.

Powder 8

powder 8 podcast, backcountry skiing podcast

Founded by Jackson Hole-athlete and photographer, Kt Miller, Powder 8 is backcountry focused and included interviews with skiers, filmmakers, forecasters, guides and more!


nausicaa cast, skiing podcast, outdoor female podcast

Inspired by Homer’s Nausicaa, TGR athlete and Jackson Hole pro-skier, Hadley Hammer interviews her inspirations in NAUSICAA-CAST—other badass women in niche outdoor sports.

The Dirtbag Diaries

dirtbag diaries podcast, outdoor podcast, ski resort podcast

This podcast isn’t not specific to skiing, but is worth mentioning as it’s once of the most popular outdoor adventure podcasts out there. From SUPing and backpacking in remote parts of the world to powdery ski trips and BASE-jumping, the Dirtbag Diaries athlete interviews and stories are incredibly engaging and entertaining.