Lugging your ski or snowboard equipment while you travel to a remote mountain resort is no way to start your vacation, especially when rental and demo equipment delivery companies like Ski Butlers offer their services at 47 of the best ski destinations around the world.

ski butlers delivery service
Ski Butlers offers equipment rental delivery service to 47 locations.

Convenience is the biggest reason to opt for a delivery service on your next ski trip, but there are many more benefits that a savvy traveler (and skier or rider) will want to consider.

  1. It’s easy to reserve your equipment

    With easy-to-follow online forms, like Ski Butlers’, reserving your equipment takes minutes. To get started, you’ll simply need some travel info on hand, like your destination, party size, name of accommodations or address, delivery date and time, and first and last ski date. Alternatively, you can bundle Ski Butlers services with a vacation package. In that case, your Mountain Travel Expert will request this information from you and take care of completing the form for you.

  2. They have variety of new equipment available, including high performance and freeride options

    Ski Butlers, for example, has a partnership with Rossignol and offers clients everything from brand-spanking new and well-maintained beginner-friendly skis and boards to high-performance options like the award-winning Experience 88 or powder-loving Soul 7s. Junior skis and boards are also available.

    In addition, it’s not about just skis or boards. Ski Butlers has a full fleet of high-performance boots, which are included with your reservation. You can upgrade to a premium boot for an additional $13 a day (available for ski boots only).

  3. Freedom while you travel

    There is nothing compact about skis, boots, poles or a snowboard. They are all space-consuming items, which make the travel bags that contain them quite cumbersome. If you’ve traveled either short and far distances with a big, oblong ski bag you know what we’re talking about. Throw in an international customs re-check and the always looming threat of a delayed plane due to winter weather and schlepping your gear through the airport and in and out of grand transportation becomes quite detestable. If you’ve booked with a delivery service you can erase all these unpleasant travel potentials from your mind and replace them with a light-weight, carefree travel experience.

    Once you’re in resort, you won’t be confined by the strict policies and hours of operation of a brick and mortar ski shop.

  4. No lost ski bags

    A 2014 study showed that more than 24 million bags were mishandled, i.e., delayed, damaged, lost or stolen by airlines. Of those, about eight in 10 were simply delayed. If you arrive at your planned mountain destination and it’s a powder day, and your beloved powder skis or board don’t, you’ve become an avoidable statistic and missed what could have been the best day of your life.

  5. They come to you

    If you’re arriving in the afternoon or evening and planning on hitting the slopes next day, than nothing makes this process easier than having a delivery service come to you at your accommodations with all the gear you’ll need. You’ll also have a chance to try on the boots and make sure they fit comfortably. If not, you can switch them out with other sizes, which will be available on hand.

    Ski Butlers’ convenience factor is doubled or quadrupled depending on the number of young children in tow. Dragging youngsters to a ski shop, whether the day of arrival or early the next morning, after they’ve traveled all day is the perfect recipe for a meltdown—an unpleasant (and avoidable) way to kick off your family ski trip.

    Plus, if you’re having trouble with the length of the skis or boards and size of the boots after a day or so on the slopes, Ski Butlers is just a call away and they’ll bring some other options right to your door. Lastly, if there is availability, you can switch from skiing to snowboarding or vice versa during your Ski Butlers rental, and they’ll bring the requested equipment to you as well.

    Lastly, when it’s time to return your equipment, you won’t have to shuttle multiple sets of equipment back to a shop. Rather, you can relax in your accommodations after your last day of skiing and Ski Butlers will come to collect all of the equipment.