Vacation rentals are a classic accommodation making a resurgence across Ski Country and beyond, and for good reason. The perks of having a home-away-from-home on your ski vacation are plentiful, especially if you’re travelling with your family or a group of friends. To help you determine if a vacation rental is right for you, we pulled together a list of the top five things that make them so great.

1. Extra space

Condominiums and homes provide a lot more square footage than hotel rooms. Instead of a 325-square-foot single room—the average size of a standard hotel room—you can spread out across a larger unit with a variety of rooms, including a living room and other common-area spaces. Having additional room to enjoy a lively game of cards or Scrabble with your friends or family, or to host your own private après-ski hour can make your ski-vacation experience that much more memorable.

2. High value for the price

We’ve done our research, and we’ve found that vacation rentals tend to be anywhere from the same price up to 30 percent less expensive than similarly rated hotel rooms—even during peak holiday periods. Basically, you’re getting a more spacious and private accommodation for the same price or less. Additionally, the extra sleeping configurations in condos and homes make it possible to split the cost multiple ways and significantly reduce the per-person price tag.

3. Fully equipped kitchens

Complete kitchens on your ski vacation are great if you’re looking to eliminate the hassle of getting a reservation at a busy restaurant—especially during peak holiday travel periods—and the typically steep price tag. Cooking meals at your condo or home rental will help save you money on eating out. If your vacation rental is situated close to the slopes, you can even cut out the cost of eating lunch or snacks on the mountain by stopping in for a mid-day break.

4. Quality time with your clan

Gathering your crew around a roaring fireplace or hunkering down on a comfy couch for movie night is logistically tough in a hotel room, which is why condo and home rentals are great for reconnecting with your friends and loved ones. Everyone can get together and make memories on and off the slopes when staying in a vacation rental.

5. Home-away-from-home amenities

Many people seek out hotels for the amenities and services they provide, but you can also enjoy a full gamut of comforts when staying in a vacation rental, ranging from private hot tubs, scenic balconies, heated garages, ski storage and in-unit/-home washer/dryers to board games, books, Wii or Playstations, billiard tables and much more. The conveniences and luxuries of being in your own home are available in vacation rentals, which makes your trip that much more relaxing and comfortable.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, that’s reason enough book your vacation rental with today! Start by building a free, customized quote or call one of our knowledgeable Mountain Travel Experts. With the help of our Vacation Rental Patrol, aka our operations team, our Experts will help create the ideal vacation rental package for you.

Rest easy with Vacation Rental Patrol Vacation Rental Patrol
Clearly there are some great reasons to book a vacation rental for your ski trip, but there can be some downsides, which entirely dependent on who is managing the property. Owner-managed condos and homes can be a bit of a risk, which is why Vacation Rental Patrol vets every vacation rental we sell to ensure the following:

  • Immaculate unit that looks as it did in the photos
  • Straightforward check-in process
  • Housekeeping services and in-unit amenities
  • Property amenities like hot tubs and shuttle service to the ski area*
  • Onsite management to handle anything that goes wrong

*Property amenities vary by destination and property.