As we mentioned in a previous post about why you should consider a vacation rental, this home-away-from-home accommodation option is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity across the world. With anything that enjoys widespread appeal, there can be a bit of misinformation around it. To help you navigate the realities of what you might be hearing from your friends and reading online, we compiled a list of common myths and truths about vacation rentals.

Myth: You’re beating the system—and saving money—by booking through community marketplaces, like VRBO or Airbnb.

Truth: You’re not. Not only are you putting your entire experience at risk, you’re also missing out on money-saving opportunities.

When you book through a community marketplace, everything from picking up the keys and walking into a clean unit to having an available repairman if something breaks is a roll-of-the-dice. You simply don’t know for sure what you’re getting until you get there. When we put the name alongside a vacation rental, it means our Vacation Rental Patrol has screened every detail of the property to make certain it meets the standards our clients have expected from us since 1971.

Plus, owner-managed properties listed on community marketplaces don’t provide the money-saving perks that offers. Along with the vacation rental of your choosing, we can bundle the rest of your vacation components, like flights, lift tickets and ground transportation, into a discounted package. We’re also a free service, so you’re not paying extra for our overhead.

Myth: Vacation rentals are messy, there are no clean towels and owners’ items are strewn about.

Truth: There are plenty of horror stories like this online, but it’s an issue unique to owner-managed properties. When you book a vacation rental through, rest easy knowing that our Vacation Rental Patrol is vetting each property to ensure it receives regular housekeeping service and offers in-unit amenities. If, by chance, something isn’t as tidy as you’d like, you can call one of our helpful Mountain Travel Experts and they’ll get everything sorted straight away.

Myth: If the toilet overflows in your vacation rental, you’re left to your own devices.

Truth: You’re not alone when you book with us! is your advocate, which is why our Vacation Rental Patrol makes sure each property we offer includes onsite management. If something goes wrong, someone will be available and close by to fix it. Worst-case scenario, you can call one of our Mountain Travel Experts and they’ll do everything they can to quickly arrange to have you moved to a different unit.

Myth: You’re sacrificing amenities by staying in a vacation rental.

Truth: Our arsenal of vacation rentals provides the best of both worlds: the privacy and space of a vacation rental and world-class hotel amenities and services. Amenities vary by property, but can include hot tubs, heated pools, onsite restaurants and shuttles to the ski area. In addition, our Mountain Travel Experts can arrange additional services like private chefs, grocery delivery and much more. Plus, many vacation rentals offer unique home comforts like movies, books, board games and even state-of-the-art video-game consoles, like Wii, Xbox and Playstation.

Myth: You’ll get that vacation-rental deposit back as long as you follow the basic rules like no smoking and no pets.

Truth: It’s not that simple when you rent directly from an owner! Check-out checklists can include over-the-top requirements like watering plants, doing laundry and other chores that are surely waiting for you at your own home. When you book with, there’s no hefty deposit you have to earn back by pleasing a hypercritical owner. Enjoy your stay and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Now that you’re a little wiser about the realities of vacation rentals, you can be confident that booking this type of property through is a no-brainer. Start by building a free, customized quote or call one of our knowledgeable Mountain Travel Experts. With the help of our Vacation Rental Patrol, aka our operations team, our Experts will help create the ideal vacation rental package for you.

Rest easy with Vacation Rental Patrol Vacation Rental Patrol
Owner-managed condos and homes can be a bit of a risk, which is why Vacation Rental Patrol vets every vacation rental we sell to ensure the following:

  • Immaculate unit that looks as it does in the photos
  • Straightforward check-in process
  • Housekeeping services and in-unit amenities
  • Property amenities like hot tubs and shuttle service to the ski area*
  • Onsite management to handle anything that goes wrong

*Property amenities vary by destination and property.