Extended stay ski vacation work from home
All you need to work from the mountains in the 21st century is a decent WiFi connection | Photo Credit: Salman Aslam

Is learning at home or working remotely a part of your new normal? So why not take advantage of this new workplace landscape by taking your office or schoolroom to the mountains this winter for an extended stay ski vacation? At Ski.com, we’ve mastered the art of the chairlift meeting and our team of 65+ Mountain Travel Experts are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to making the mountains your home this winter.

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But before you pre-order a stand-up desk and have it shipped to your favorite ski resort, fill out a free quote and get matched with the perfect resort, lodging, lift tickets, and equipment to make your work from the mountains winter a smashing success. For the 20-21 season, we’ve gathered a list of 7 things to keep in mind when planning an extended stay at one of Ski.com’s 120+ resorts.

7) Lodging Is Everything

Timberline Condominiums Aspen Snowmass Remote working
Welcome to your home in the mountains | Photo: Timberline Condominiums

In time of COVID-19, nothing is more important on your vacation than having a place that actually feels like home. Since posting up in cafes, ski lodges, and restaurants remains limited for the time being, secure the accommodation that fits all your needs. If that includes securing high speed WiFi that is lightning fast, we can make sure you get the perfect hotel, condo, or private home to keep you and your household connected.

The Perfect WFH Lodging Option: Timberline Snowmass

6) Property Management

Ski.com hosts long standing relationships with the best local property management firms in ski country and we’ll make sure that you get settled into the right accommodation based on your budget. Once you’ve arrived, we’ll continue to make sure all your needs are met during the duration of your extended stay in the mountains.

5) Proximity To The Slopes

What’s the point of moving to the mountains if you can’t jump out for a lunch lap in between meetings? Ski.com knows that there is an important difference between “slopeside lodging” and “ski-in ski-out lodging” and we’ll make sure you don’t get caught schlepping your gear across the base village when you thought you’d booked ski-in, ski-out.

4) Mail Forwarding

Too many people go on extended vacations and stress about what they left behind, which in many cases includes important correspondence that needs attention. So don’t stress about what may or may not be waiting for in the mailbox back home but instead, submit a mail forwarding notice to the USPS and get your mail forwarded to you at a small cost.

3) Work/Life Balance

The key to making any work from the mountains situation successful is ensuring a proper balance between work and life, because after all, that’s why you came to the mountains in the first place. However, sometimes you just can’t bail on work because it snowed 10″. The team in NYC, LA, or ATL don’t really care about powder and you need to heed that sentiment and spend your hours in the office being productive as possible.

2) Tap Into Local Communities

Aspen Extended Stay ski vacation
Downtown Aspen on a snowy January morning | Photo Credit: Cangul

Ski.com want you to enjoy the local culture of the destination you choose to visit for a long vacation. Depending on current guidelines, Ski.com can make sure you find the finest local galleries, restaurants, and off-mountain activities so you can have the local’s experience firsthand.

1) Sick Days 😉

The best part of an extended winter vacation in the mountains is the promising prospect of great ski conditions. If you decide to stay for the month of January, chances are you’ll ski some extremely light powder in a place like Vail or Aspen. Just be sure to line up the forecast and make sure to be on the boss’ good side when you call in “sick” when it snows more than a foot.

Ready to move your office to the mountains for the 20-21 ski season? Fill out a free quote and you’ll be matched with one of Ski.com’s 65+ Mountain Travel Experts who can book everything from lodging to airfare, ground transportation to equipment rentals.