The Banff Squirrel’s Answers | Oct. 21

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Editor’s Note: The Banff Squirrel—best known for photobombing pictures in the park—heard the #BanffLocalLegends chatter and wanted to get in on the question-answering action. If you haven’t entered to win, visit the Facebook page and ask your question!

Banff Squirrel Snowboard Bomb

Why should I visit the Banff area over anywhere else? (asked by Nathan Laulainen)
I could go on about our some 8,000 acres of skiable resort terrain here at our Big 3 ski resorts, or the amazing backcountry experiences and the wonder of staying in remote lodges like Skoki. I could talk about how friendly the locals are, the amazing food, or that the park is a protected area of 6,641 square kilometers (or 2,564 square miles)  and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the biggest reason you should visit is because if you don’t I will visit you with my posse of two wolverines, a tough pika and three angry marmots and we will ‘explain’ in greater detail why you need to visit…

Is it too “late” to try snowboarding? I’m 44, haven’t been skiing for 20 years, I recently lost 120 lbs and it looks like a blast? (asked by Robert White)
Robert, it is never too late to try snowboarding! And the learning process can be quite enjoyable, provided you strap a big pillow to your butt for that first day. Also, if you have lost 120 lbs, your pants will naturally hang nice and low over your gitch—endearing yourself to many of the shredders in the board park!

What’s your favorite local beer? (asked Tom Kispert)
Here in the Bow Valley, we are lucky to have a couple of brew pubs that craft some amazing beers. Right here in Banff, I have been known to knock back a couple of the ‘Reverend Rundle Stouts’ at the Banff Ave. Brewing Co. Also, I have this moose friend who has one of those home brewing kits, but the beer he makes is undrinkable. I don’t think he can read the instructions, and just adds ‘more cud’ if he doesn’t know what the ingredient should be. We avoid him at all costs whenever a new batch is ready.

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