From a press release:

SNOCRU, the award winning all-in-one snowsports app has released SNOCRU 4.0 available on iOS and Google Play. This new app release is the biggest refresh to ever happen to the app with a complete design and functionality overhaul. The app, which was officially first released on iOS and Google Play in 2011, features a completely redesigned user interface, as well as new functionality that was beta tested throughout 2017. SNOCRU has also released a handful of new features to compliment the new intuitive design. These new features include:

  • Introducing Animated Tracks!  Share a video summary as stats of your track with your friends!
  • Individual Run stats now available on all new tracks
  • Expanded sharing options to let you share your tracks, posts, and check-ins
  • SNOCRU now available in Spanish
  • Integration with Apple HealthKit
  • Badges are back!  Earn Badges and compare & compete with your DayCru

SNOCRU Skiing & Snow Tracking App 4.0 from SNOCRU on Vimeo.

“Over the last six years we’ve had a lot of time to build new cutting edge features and functionality into SNOCRU, with that came a rather heavy and somewhat uneasy app to understand. The new SNOCRU 4.0 release makes it easier for any user to understand how to ski with SNOCRU in their pocket. I can’t wait for skiers to enjoy the new app experience as well as our latest new features.” said Ed Lewis, founder and ceo. Adding, “We went all out on this latest app release, determined to simplify such a robust app. We’ve made some big changes and think users will be stoked with the new design and functionality.”

Perhaps the largest improvement the new SNOCRU app offers is the ability it gives users to enjoy a best in class tracking experience. Heat Mapping and Animated Track Sharing are two brand new features to make it to the app. Heat Mapping gives skiers a visual representation of their speed over the resort ski map, this shows skiers their fastest and slowest spots while tracking.