Days are getting shorter. Mornings have a frosty bite. These signs can mean only one thing: it’s time for ski movie trailers!

The major productions houses—like Teton Gravity Research, Matchstick Productions and Level 1—have dropped their ski movie trailers and induced a new season of cold-smoke dreams among skiers everywhere. When autumn officially hits, the full films will premiere in ski towns and big cities around the states at hallowed events like Warren Miller’s film tour and The Meeting in Aspen Snowmass. These ski movie premieres are both a rite of passage for young skiers and the signal of a new ski season for veteran snow-lovers. We’re excited to share our early favorites below. Join us in getting excited for winter 2014/2015!

Teton Gravity Research: Higher

Jeremy Jones, 10-time “Big Mountain Rider of the Year” by Snowboarder magazine, presents his third installment in a series of non-traditional films. Higher follows Deeper, which explored his earn-your-turns manta, and Further, where we followed him to the ends of the earth in search of steep spines and deep powder. This trailer of his newest journey to the Tetons, Alaskan ranges and the Himalayas, looks a little more existential as Jones grapples with leaving his family for his adventures and the inherent risks of his life on the edge. We’re excited to get deeper into Jones’s psyche and to see the premiere in Squaw Valley this fall.

Teton Gravity Research: Almost Ablaze

TGR really catches fire with their 2014 film Almost Ablaze. Painting outside the lines, the crew heads to unexpected locations likes historic Sarajevo and pushes the high-def boundaries on nighttime shoots. Plus, we get to peer inside the psyche of pro skiers as they fight the cold and drop into pucker-inducing lines. The on-camera talent is mic’ed the whole time… Described by TGR as “a global odyssey,” Almost Ablaze will get you “fully gripped” and is a thrill ride you won’t want to miss this fall.

Matchstick Productions: Days of My Youth

The extended trailer just debuted, giving the public it’s first long look into this two-year project. MSP is known for their limit-pushing films, showcasing the best ski talent in the biz  at some of the most extreme locations (like the steepest spines you’ve ever seen in Alaska), and Days of My Youth is no different. A collaboration with Red Bull Media House, MSP’s 2014 film “examines skiing as a way of life, offering a glimpse into the journey of self-discovery that every skier takes,” according to a RBMH press release. The film stars U.S. Olympian Bobby Brown as well as famed big-mountain skiers Mark Abma, Cody Townsend, Richard Permin, James Heim, Sam Anthamatten, Markus Eder and Michelle Parker. The cherry on top is a cameo by freeskiing pioneer Bobbie Burns. Line up for the world premiere in Boulder, Colo. this fall.

Level 1: less

The 15th annual ski film by Level 1, showcases the best up-and-comers in the freestyle skiing scene like Kai Krepela, Magnus Graner and Will Berman.  The title may be a hint at the budget Director Josh Berman was working with, as this trailers shows us Level 1 back at its roots: making their own fun at random street locations, using human-powered tow-ins, slaying dirt patches, and even constructing an incredible backyard snow fort. less was also shot at Schweitzer, Whistler, Aspen, Switzerland, France and many more on the map (and off the map) locations.

Unicorn Picnic / Lynsey Dyer: Pretty Faces

This is what the boys will be talking about during ski-movie season this fall. Pretty Faces is a groundbreaking, all-female ski film that follows lady shredders down the gnarliest lines, off the biggest kickers and around the globe as they show the world what it means to “ski like a girl.” They have big production backers like Warren Miller, Teton Gravity Research, Salomon Freeski, KGB Productions and more, and front-woman Lynsey Dyer leads the sisterhood with style and grace. Don’t miss this premiere!

Updated: here’s the new teaser released Sept. 3, 2014!

Warren Miller: No Turning Back

The 65th installment from the renowned movie house, No Turning Back looks to be a pretty awesome combination of new-school progression and trademark vintage footage. While spread eagles may have been perfected in the 1970s, modern-day stunts like serious cliff-hucking and extreme ski flying are showcased in this film and prove that skiing has moved beyond what the first shredders could have imagined. Don’t miss this ski flick, coming to a major city near you during fall 2014.

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