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As you’re settling into New Year’s resolutions and planning how you’ll accomplish all that you’ve pledged, perhaps you’re getting a bit overwhelmed? And after all, there’s always 2020 to look back on.

Good news! A ski or snowboard trip checks off a lot of common goals on those resolution lists.

  • Need more quality time with your loved ones? There’s nothing quite like watching your kids catapult from the bunny slopes to the blues. Just make sure to keep it in your own household in 2020!
  • Want to lose weight but need a proverbial carrot? How about ski conditioning to prep for a summer ski trip to Chile? 
  • And obviously, you want to save money. feautres incredible deals on flights, lodging, lift tickets and everything else you need to make your dream ski trip happen. And then there’s that old saying, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”

For a little extra inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some resolutions that will free your inner child and allow you to focus on staying in the moment in 2021. We may not check everything off this list, but dreaming of skiing is half the fun right?’s Mountain Travel Experts are here to help you plan and book everything for the perfect ski vacation. Call 800-610-8911 or fill out this questionnaire to receive a quote in your inbox >>.

Start a ski journal

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Besides the joy of looking back on quality time spent in the snow, ski journals are an exercise in staying present and allow the human mind to appreciate the subtle joys of each and every ski day.

Commit to snagging first chair at least once

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Even though it’s cliche, grabbing first chair is an experience every skier deserves one a season. So commit to grabbing first chair with a friend or loved one and share in the penultimate joy of the sport, first tracks.

Spend at least 10 days on the mountain

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Whether you’re a flat-lander or a mountain dweller, the sign of any true skier is grabbing 10 or more days on the mountain each season.’s completely unscientific research shows that those who ski 10+ days a year are 100% happier than those who don’t.

Try a new winter sport


When it comes to enjoying time in the mountains, it doesn’t hurt to switch up the daily activity. Snowshoeing, fat biking, ice skating, and short winter hikes are all fantastic ways to break up any ski vacation.

Do you!

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Too often during ski vacations, individuals get sucked up into the group dynamic and forget to take care of themselves. We’re talking to the moms and dads out there. This year, make time for yourself by putting the kids in ski school and spending some time at the spa with a friend or significant other.

Sleep in on a powder day

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For us, sleeping in on a powder day can be just as important as making time to wake up for first chair. This new year, make sure to take a day to skip the powder panic and spend some quality time underneath the down comforter.

Drink more hot chocolate

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Year over year, the world seems to spin a littler faster. Keep the pace at a reasonable speed by taking plenty of hot chocolate breaks and don’t forget– extra whipped cream please!

Here’s to a snowy 2021, filled with goggle tans, faceshots, and fresh tracks! #ToTheMountains

Get ready for first chair of the season.��s Mountain Travel Experts are here to help you plan and book everything for the perfect ski vacation. Call 800-610-8911 or fill out this questionnaire to receive a quote in your inbox >>.