Photos + video by Jackson Lebsack

Passing through the rocky slabs that mark the entrance to Beaver Creek ski resort signifies you’re entering a special place, and Beaver Creek is undeniably distinct. Once you’ve left behind the bustle of Colorado’s main thoroughfare of the Rockies—I-70—and passed through Beaver Creek’s natural gateway, you’ll be greeted by an overall top-shelf atmosphere, complete with picture-perfect ski runs and a quaint, but polished Bavarian-style village. The hotels are lavish, foodies love the restaurants and the skiing is immaculate.

Two weeks ago,’s Epic Dream Job hire, Jackson Lebsack checked Beaver Creek off his Epic Pass world tour.

Jackson’s List Of Best Things About Beaver Creek:

1. Laying down tracks on Beaver Creek’s famed corduroy
2. On-mountain Sweet Shops tour
3.  Relaxing in the St. James hot tub
4. Sleigh ride to Beano’s Cabin for dinner

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Next stop → Vail, Colorado

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