As an Aspen-based company, whose employees regularly enjoy the benefits of having Airline and the Sky Mountain Park trail system a couple minutes’ mountain bike peddle away, we decided to make it our mission to keep the trail in tip-top shape. So, we adopted it through Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. Plus, we couldn’t resist how apropos the name of the trail is, i.e. since we sell mountain travel and the trail literally sits at eye-level with incoming jets to the Aspen Airport. Our adoption of Airline Trail means we commit volunteers to do trail maintenance as necessary, which ranges from trimming bushes and trees to improve line of sight on the busy trail to post-downpour trail reconstruction.

How to get to Airline Trail in Aspen, CO

It’s possible to access Airline from a variety of routes, from Snowmass via Highline Trail or the Owl Creek bike path, Woody Creek via Cozyline Trail or downtown Aspen by riding up Airline Trail. As brown-pow aficionados who ride the trail several times a week during busy hours, like lunchtime and after work, we have a preferred route. In our opinion, riding Highway 82 to Intercept Lot and hopping on Cozyline Trail for the ascent provides the easiest climb and is safer, since Airline is a popular downhill trail above all.  Our favorite zone is the flowy lower section after crossing the Radar Road.  Keep in mind that these trails are closed for elk migration from December 1 through May 15.

We hope to see you out there!