From the incredible cinematography and energizing music to the chance to live vicariously through some of our favorite pros as they travel to the corners of the earth in search of the next great adventure, skiing and snowboarding films continuously fuel our stoke for this culture we love.

That being said, I’ll take you into the weekend with one of my all-time favorite clips from a ski film. Giving urban skiing a whole new meaning, this clip from 2011’s “All. I. Can.” is famously known as J.P. Auclair’s Street Segment and went viral when it hit social media channels early last season. Warning: it’s nearly impossible to watch this only once.  And…..don’t try this at home:

When you’ve picked your jaws up off the ground, take a look at this behind-the-scenes video, released earlier this week, documenting the creation of this now famous segment.

Enjoy and have a safe and fun weekend, everyone! See you on the slopes!