From reading the fine print associated with check-out processes and cleaning to tracking down the right vacation rental, owner-managed vacation rentals provide a starkly different experience than booking your vacation rental through To help you understand how much easier we make it, we compiled a ski vacation comparison showing all the ways our industry-leading inventory of condos and homes differs from owner-managed rentals.

Figuring out where to stay

Owner-managed rentals

According to an Expedia Media Solutions study, travelers visit 36.5 websites before booking their vacation, and visitors spend about 2.5 minutes during each recon session. If you’re taking on the research on your own time, that works out to 1.5 hours of lost time that could have been spent with family or friends or enjoying your favorite activities, sports and hobbies. vacation rentals

Our Mountain Travel Experts will do the heavy lifting for you. Using their insider knowledge and our large inventory, they’ll match you with your ideal ski vacation rental. To get started, they’ll need to know a couple things about what matters most to you, like if you have a couple destinations in mind, your preferred proximity to the slopes, travel dates, and amenities, such as pools and hot tubs. If you’re flexible in your travel plans and simply looking for the best rate, they’ll help you find that, too.

Check-in process

Owner-managed rentals

Typically the owner or host is arranging the check-in. With one person running the show, there’s a lot of room for error. If check-in details are poorly communicated and you can’t get into your rental, there’s no alternative lodging option. You’ll likely have to spend even more for an accommodation and may have trouble finding one at such late notice. vacation rentals

Whether the property manager is meeting you out at the rental or you’re grabbing the keys from the management office, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about getting into your ski vacation rental. Our Vacation Rental Patrol ensures every rental we contract with is managed by a professional company.

Housekeeping services

Owner-managed rentals

Many owner-managed rentals require that the occupants clean the unit before leaving rather than hiring professional housekeepers. Alternatively, they might just charge a $100+ cleaning fee. Often, there’s little time between when one guest is checking in and one is checking out, so the next occupants could get stuck in an unhygienic situation and have to spend their precious vacation time cleaning to get their environment up to standards. vacation rentals

With professional property management companies and housekeeping services maintaining’s vacation rentals, you can feel assured that everything will be clean and look as it does in the photos. If something is wrong, you can simply call one of our Mountain Travel Experts and they’ll make sure the issue is remedied or you’re moved to more suitable accommodations.

In-unit amenities

Owner-managed rentals

You’ll need to come fully prepared from the get-go when staying in an owner-managed rental. In fact, you might even need to rent linens ahead of time or you could be sleeping directly on a mattress on your first night. Be sure to read the fine print. vacation rentals

Because we partner with professional property management companies, guests in vacation rentals can expect hotel-like complimentary perks, including shampoo, conditioner, soap and coffee. Plus, our network of professional vendors ensures we can provide recommendations for additional services, like grocery shopping or delivery services and more!

Repairs if something breaks

Owner-managed rentals

Usually, the host or owner will be out of town while you’re staying in their home. So who do you call when something breaks? Who foots the repair bill, and how do you get reimbursed by the owner if that’s you? vacation rentals

If something breaks, you’ll always have someone to call. Whether it’s a Expert or the onsite management, we’ll make sure repairs are made as soon as possible or we’ll move you to a different unit or home.

Check-out process

Owner-managed rentals

One of the biggest hassles with an owner-managed vacation rental is the check-out list you must tick off before leaving in order to get your deposit back. In most vacation rental properties, you’ll likely need to do laundry, vacuum and clean counter tops before vacating the premises. vacation rentals

When staying in a vacation rental, you can simply pack up and leave when it’s time to go. We work with property managers and housekeeping services to ensure the unit or home is in tip-top shape for the next guest.

Saving money on additional trip components

Owner-managed rentals

Vacation rental owners don’t have the same longstanding relationships with ski resorts and ski vacation vendors as, so you won’t be receiving any special pricing or discounts on additional trip components. vacation rentals

In addition to tracking down the best rates on vacation rentals, our Mountain Travel Experts can customize discounted ski vacation packages, including flights, ground transportation, lift tickets, lessons, equipment rentals, activities and more.

If time, money and peace of mind are important to your vacation experience, skip the hassle of owner-managed vacation rentals and book with Start by building a free custom quote or if you have additional questions, call our Experts. They’re standing by!

In addition to our Experts, the Vacation Rental Patrol is on your side. Our “Patrollers” vet each property we put our name alongside so you don’t need to worry.

Rest easy with Vacation Rental Patrol Vacation Rental Patrol

  • Immaculate unit that looks as it does in the photos
  • Straightforward check-in process
  • Housekeeping services and in-unit amenities
  • Property amenities like hot tubs and shuttle service to the ski area*
  • Onsite management to handle anything that goes wrong
  • No check-out requirements

*Property amenities vary by destination and property.