Of all The Ski.com Dream Job destinations, Niseko, Japan is among the most unique to clock-in for a week’s worth of VIP experiences. For one, nowhere else sees as much snow, making it a perfect choice for powderhounds. But the experience doesn’t stop in the deep end.

Skiing The Japanese Alps Vs. Hokkaido

Exploring Central Hokkaido is a unique travel experience for anyone. Western and Eastern traditions blend in a homogeneous mix that is both stunning and awe-inspiring. From the never-ending ramen bowls to the onsen culture, there’s a lot of reasons why you should apply to The Ski.com Dream Job in Niseko, Japan.

Here are just 6 of them…

Dreams do come true | Photo: Niseko United

6) 550+ inches of snow

Each year, the four ski resorts that make up Niseko United see upwards of 550+ inches of snowfall between the months of December and March. Although the season is abbreviated, January & February typically offer some of the coldest, deepest snow conditions of the entire season.

5) The best sushi on planet Earth

Perhaps the best sushi in the world can be found on the island of Hokkaido. Whether you’re in the northern fishing city of Otaru or the small town of Niseko, it’s hard to go wrong in this region of Japan. Of all the places to go, Sushi Hanayoshi in Niseko, Sushiya Ko-dai in Otaru, and Yoteimaru in Kutchan (*sushi train) are all worth visiting. In Niseko’s main village, Grand Hirafu, don’t miss Ezo Seafoods.

4) Night skiing

The phenomenal night skiing in Japan is far from secret these days. That said, it’s still amazing how many people don’t get out after dinner to make pow turns under the lights. Not only is the terrain spectacular, but once the sun goes down and things get a little colder, the nighttime often delivers the best snow conditions of the day.

3) Goshiki Onsen

Just beyond the boundary of Niseko United is a traditional Japanese onsen that is literally heated by an active volcano. The water comes out of the ground at a scorching 136 degrees Fahrenheit before cooling and entering the numerous bathing pools. Not only is the warm water therapeutic for sore muscles but the natural minerals of the hot spring have untold, holistic healing powers.

2) The Green Leaf Hotel Breakfast

While the options for entertainment and exploration are seemingly endless in Japan, so is the breakfast buffet at Niseko’s Green Leaf Hotel. With everything from delicious egg sandwiches to fresh fish, each day starts out different than the last.

1) Mizuno No Sawa @NisekoVillage

One of the better opportunities in all of Hokkaido includes signing up to access the Mizuno No Sawa zone beneath the Niseko Village gondola. This area is typically closed during heightened avalanche conditions but when the weather cooperates, a group of guides will open up this powder paradise to a select number of skiers and riders.

* Advance bookings are not available due to snow conditions required for this activity. Please visit the Activity Centre or call +81 (0) 136 44 2211.