Skiers Edge 2

Since reading Ski Magazine as a kid, I’ve always dreamt of purchasing my very own Skier’s Edge. And in the time of COVID-19, the time is now to hop on “the #1 technical ski trainer in the world.” With their all new, completely re-engineered, QS7 Trainer, the time is now for skiers to stay in shape by exercising on the Ferrari of ski training devices. Avoid the couch and plow through the entirety of Netflix while going edge to edge on the skier’s version of Peloton. Sound cool? That’s because it is.

I had the opportunity to try out the T5 Big Mountain Trainer last summer and the mechanical advantage is very real. The design keeps your core engaged and hips angulating in a way that mimics skiing quite accurately. Just make sure to wear a headband and short shorts at all times when operating the skier’s edge.

*Videos courtesy of The Skier’s Edge