Growing up in Michigan, my first few times skiing took place at a small resort less than an hour’s drive from my parents’ house. If I remember correctly, the skies were always cloudy, the temperatures were very cold, the chairlift rides were long and the runs were short. The overall experience, however, was life changing. Because of my brother’s and my new shared interest in skiing, my parents were kind enough to take us on our first family ski trip to the big leagues. The destination: Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Taking a family ski trip is definitely not the easiest or the most affordable type of family vacation. Frankly, I think it took some guts from my parents to make it happen. But they did, and that ski trip—and the subsequent ones after that—are and always will be some of my fondest memories of time spent as a family.

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of taking your family on a vacation this season, I think the New York Times addressed it best in an article they published last winter.

“Because, like generations of skiers before us, we will eventually push off, leaving behind not just all that schlepping, but the weight of Newton’s laws as well. Gravity becomes our friend. The sullen teenager lights up, the 8-year-old stops whining, and your spouse is no longer a parent, but a fellow skier. We will each take our own route, but we will go down the hill together.”

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