Konayuki means ‘powder snow’| Photo (+Cover): Jordan Curet

As a language, Japanese can prove quite challenging for the non-native speaker. Thankfully, the love of snow among skiers and riders is universal and with an Ikon Pass, visitors from North America can get all the benefits that come with being fluent in the local tongue.

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Here are 6 Japanese words your Ikon Pass knows by heart. We think it’s high time you get familiar.

雪 Yuki – Snow

Getting a “deep” understanding of the vocabulary | Photo: Jordan Curet

Yuki is easily one of the most magical words in the Japanese language and with 7-day access to Niseko’s 550″ of average annual snowfall, Ikon Pass holders can gain a uniquely DEEP understanding of this Japanese noun.

うなぎ Unagi – Eel

Japan, and the northern island of Hokkaido in particular, is known for out of this world seafood. Sushi is a time honored tradition here and if you’re looking to expand your cultural boundaries– order the Unagi!

温泉 Onsen – Hot Spring

Green Leaf onsen
Making the onsen a daily routine is time well spent | Photo: Green Leaf Hotel

Geothermal features are a key part of Japan’s geography. Besides serving as the foundation for mountains like Fuji and Yotei, these hot spots beneath Earth’s crust are also the reason there’s so many hot springs. Take a dip in the ‘Onsen’ and let the naturally occurring minerals soothe your sore muscles after a long day of trenching through deep powder.

バス Basu – Bus

The ‘Basu’ or bus is vital to getting around Niskeo. Thankfully, any valid lift ticket (Ikon Pass included) includes access to the bus, which serves the base areas of Annupuri, Niseko Village, Hirafu, and Hanazono. Just make sure to show your Ikon Pass to the bus driver or you may get harangued in a language you don’t understand, in which case your Ikon Pass can’t help you.

乾杯 Kanpai – Cheers!

Exclusively smooth brew, Sapporo Classic is only served in Hokkaido | Photo: MIKI Yoshihito

There’s no better way to celebrate “the deepest day ever” than with a Sapporo Classic or cup of local sake during apres. Just make sure to give the traditional Japanese salutation, “Kanpai!” as you cheers your powder companions.

ホテル Hoteru – Hotel

Making sure the accommodations fit you and your group’s needs is always a high priority during any ski vacation. Make sure to call our Ikon Pass Concierge for exclusive access to Ski.com deals on Niseko lodging.

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