The outpouring of heartwarming nominations we’ve received as part of our Healthcare Hero Giveaway with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been nothing short of inspiring. Reading about those who have sacrificed the most throughout these hard times is sure to make you smile and above all else, foster a new sense of gratitude for these brave souls who have spent countless hours fighting an enemy that has challenged us all.

So take a break from whatever you’re doing, read these two amazing stories of real-life Florence Nightingales and I dare you not to shed a tear. While the application period is now closed, we’ll continue to share some of our favorite nominations to keep you inspired before announcing the winner on November 10. We can’t wait to tell you who wins the all-expenses-paid escape in the Tetons.

Because let’s face it, nobody deserves it more than people like this… 

Danielle – Greenwich Hospital Emergency Department

“Danielle, my wife, is a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Department at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, CT. Danielle has been a full time PA at GH for years and has been on the frontline of COVID since the first case in town in early March. At one point in the spring 100% of the cases she saw were COVID cases. She typically works 12 hour shifts 3-4 days a week. As we exit fall the hospital is experiencing the spike again with increasing infection rates currently driven by kids returning to school. Through all of this Danielle has kept her chin up and helped people. She is consistently recognized for her positive, caring, compassionate and helpful attitude. She has picked up extra shifts, often overnights and weekends, to continue to help the hospital keep up with the added demand. All the while she comes home to me and our two little girls (4.5 and 2.5 years old) and is the best mom and wife. We are truly in awe of her and grateful she is our family. Lastly, Danielle loves to ski. We have been to Jackson before and have always crashed at friends’ guestrooms and basements…or in a tent in the summer. While she’s not going to drop Corbets, she is primed to rip most of the resort and frankly just have a break from what we know is going to be a hectic winter back East. I think what she likes best is being outside no matter the weather, going fast on groomers, navigating fun trees, learning to ski powder and NOT following her husband into an icy mogul field. Oh. And apres. Duh. In all seriousness, Danielle is the best.” – Danielle’s Husband, Nick

Dr. Ouida – Loretto Hospital

“An orthopedic surgeon who works in an underserved area in Chicago IL, Dr. Ouida had to stop doing elective cases and she volunteered to work at the COVID unit at McCormick Place to help during the height of the pandemic. The hospital also got a grant and started free COVID testing and continues until today.” – Anonymous

Brittany – Abington Jefferson Memorial Hospital

“Brittany drives 1 1/2 hours each way to work (and that is no easy task to stay awake) and has yet to call out. She is the most caring, unselfish person you will ever meet! She never leaves work no matter how tired she is until she knows each patient is safe while being at the risk of possible catching the virus herself. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t worry about each of her patients and their family on her days off. During the height of the first surge, one of her coworkers got sick, was ventilated and fought to live. Brittany’s own brother a resident doctor who had his first child during this time works in another state and prayers neither succumbs to this virus. All this weighs greatly on Brittany and I truly would love for her to be validate for being that amazing nurse and person she is!” – Laurie

Bri – University of Colorado Hospital

“My name is Bri. I’m a critical care nurse. Our Neurosurgical ICU turned into a COVID-19 ICU just weeks after I got off my new graduate nurse orientation and I was thrown into the thick of it. I have learned so much through this experience and will continue to grow and learn as we face this pandemic. I’ve been with patients in their last moments of life when their loved ones couldn’t be there with them. The teamwork of the nurses, doctors, chaplains, social workers and everyone else in the industry has been incredible. But what I’m looking forward to most is being able to get out this winter to my favorite resorts and go skiing. It’s been a long stressful year and I am really looking forward to this winter, the snow, and getting back on my sticks! Much love!”

Daniel – Glatt Medical

“My dad has been working nonstop since the beginning of this pandemic as he specializes in pain management and addiction and many of his patients still need the care they were getting before. He often has 12 hour days between working in his office, the hospital and doing what he can to protect us all against COVID-19 while fulfilling his everyday duties. Before I was born, my dad served 7 years in the Navy and then became a doctor. He still feels a patriotic duty to protect and to serve his country.” – Nominated by his son, Taylor

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