It’s the day after Halloween and while some people may be packing up their costumes and kooky accessories, we’re doing just the opposite. Living close enough #ToTheMountains to have one you ski at regularly basically gives locals unlimited options to dress up. What’s better than skiing multiple times a week besides being able to customize your outfit each time you go? Don’t get fizzled out on costumes just because Halloween and Spooky Season is over,  Don’t get fizzled out on costumes just because Halloween and Spooky Season is over, instead allow the following photos from employees to inspire you to craft your own unique looks and prepare for the many events, festivals, concerts, parking lot parties and any excuse to dress up and shred during the winter season.

Mountain looks for any time of year:

Pond skim yeti costume at Vail.
Real Yetis wear pink.
Fun outfits at Aspen Highlands Bowl
You’ll need a tutu for a proper, ceremonious champagne cheers at the top of Highlands Bowl.
Halloween costumes on a ski day
What do onesie-wearers, hot dogs and football players all have in common? Their love to #shred.
Mother and daughter Ski Bunny outfits.
This ski bunny look was shared between mother and daughter.
Skiing in fat suits at Vail Mountain.
That awkward moment when you and your friends show up in the same outfit…
Friends forming a pyramid on the mountain.
This ski squad loves neon and having each others’ backs.

Whether you’re catching pow in your normal gear or a funky fresh ‘fit, tag us in your best pics on social media with #ToTheMountains for a chance to be featured on our blog or social media. Happy shredding!