It’s that time of year again. It’s premiere season. Every fall, the new flicks send skiers and riders into a flurry of excitement—pun intended—for the upcoming season. After scouring the Internet and spending one blissful hour watching trailers, we’ve distilled a list of the best ski and snowboard films of 2016-17. Many of these films will be released on iTunes for at-home or on-the-go enjoyment, but you can also catch them at premiere events in cities around the world. Click on the links below to learn when you can watch the films at a theater near you.

Red Bull’s The Fourth Phase

From the creators of The Art of FLIGHT, Red Bull Media House presents The Fourth Phase, a snowboarding epic, starring iconic athlete Travis Rice, that follows hydrological cycles, specifically the ones that produce snow storms.

TGR’s Tight Loose

From India to Alaska, Teton Gravity Research’s Tight Loose features newly discovered spine walls, massive airs and full-throttle riding. Now in its 21st year of product, TGR brings together their athlete roster for a reunion-style, massive group shred of the famed Palisades at Squaw Valley.

MSP’s Ruin and Rose

Acclaimed writer/director Ben Sturgulewski joins the award-winning team at Matchstick Productions and their two decades of film-making expertise to deliver Ruin and Rose. Winter landscapes across the planet contrast seamlessly with a thoroughly-crafted story of environmental apocalypse, shot within the otherworldly expanses of Africa’s Skeleton Coast.

Level 1’s Pleasure

In Pleasure—the 17th annual ski motion picture from Level 1—skiers slam into into concrete walls, risk it in the backcountry unknown, become broke on the road…Some would call it hedonistic behavior, the Level 1 crew calls it living the dream, and this cast of characters delivers a vibrant depiction of this urban skiing, freestyle and freeskiing.

Runway Film’s Full Moon

The inspirational Full Moon showcases snowboarding’s female legends and icons as they travel the world for two years riding backcountry.

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