[All photos courtesy of Alex Broadstock]

Back in early January, as the departure date for the Niseko Dream Job approached, the conditions on the island of Hokkaido were unseasonable to say the least. With much less snow than normal, the prospects for cultural experiences far outweighed the prospects for deep powder skiing.

But as luck would have it, the Sea of Japan decided to unleash feet upon feet of 雪 Yuki (snow) in the two weeks prior to the trip. Still, Niseko United and the surrounding ski resorts were still well below average. Thankfully, the recent snow has opened up quite a bit of terrain for the Dream Job hires and the photo evidence doesn’t lie.

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So far Kris Roller and Alex Broadstock have enjoyed a week that’s been the perfect balance of intriguing culture and playful skiing, kind of like the cocktails they recently enjoyed at Toshiro’s Bar (see below). From visiting ancient Shinto shrines to powder chasing to nearby Rusutsu, it’s been quite the gig thus far.

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Ramen bowls, there is no better mid-day ski meal

Experimental drinks at the world famous, Toshiro’s Whiskey Bar

Finding deep powder at Rusutsu

Taking a moment to clear the mind at the nearby, Dansan Shrine

Sapporo Classic, the best beer in the world?

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