Crested Butte, a landmark ski resort in Colorado, recently announced they have opened Teo 2 Bowl for the second consecutive year, marking only the fourth time in the resort’s length history to open it. They recently posted on their website, “Well folks, Patrol dropped the ropes (on Sunday) on Teo 2 this afternoon meaning we are officially open WALL TO WALL! An amazing feat and the skiing and riding is so much fun. Thank you to all of our Mountain Ops and Patrol teams for their continued hard work, we are all so thankful!” This accomplishment was made possible by the significant snowfall Crested Butte, Colorado has received this season, totaling 176 inches.

Accessing Teo 2 involves a steep 20- to 30-minute hike back to the road to Paradise Bowl. The opening of Teo 2 is a crucial goal throughout the season for the Crested Butte Ski Patrol. The ability to open extreme terrain like Teo 2 hinges on several factors, including favorable snow conditions, the creation of an egress road, support from management, and the availability of resources. Notably, at least 55 inches of settled snow on the upper-mountain stake is necessary to establish the egress road for Teo 2.

crested butte, colorado teo 2
Photo Credit: Crested Butte

This season, the successful implementation of the egress road facilitated the opening of Teo 2, delighting locals and visitors alike who are eager to explore its steep and deep terrain. This achievement highlights the dedication of the resort’s staff and the collaborative effort required to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Overall, Crested Butte’s ability to open Teo 2 Bowl for the second consecutive year showcases its commitment to providing exceptional skiing opportunities and maintaining its reputation as a premier winter destination in Colorado. Crested Butte Mountain Resort opened in 1960 and has been operating for 64 years. 

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