On Friday in Brussels, officials at the European Union recommended that its nation-states lift their individual travel bans regarding vaccinated citizens from the United States of America. The recommendation is non-binding and nations must create and enforce their own policies in regards to international travel.

With the recommendation, the USA will join the EU’s “white list” of COVID-safe travel countries. Countries currently on that select list include Taiwan and Israel, both of which have seen high vaccination rates among their populations. Unfortunately, travel from the EU to the USA remains mostly restricted for essential purposes only.

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European Nations Allowing US Travel 

Europe opening to travel
The Gornergrat Railway at Zermatt | Photo: Miroslav Volek | Cover Photo: Pascal Gertschen

Now Open:

Italy is currently open, although they are mandating travelers, who don’t want to quarantine, to arrive on an approved “COVID-19 tested flight.” Such flights can be purchased through major airlines and include a portal to submit a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of travel to Italy.

Spain is currently open for vaccinated US citizens only. Those visiting Spain from the US must request a QR Code from the Spanish Department of Travel and Health and fill out the subsequent form

Denmark is currently open to American travelers with proof of full vaccination. Visitors must adhere to local health guidelines.

Croatia is currently open but US visitors must provide proof of vaccination or a negative result from a COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to arrival. Along with one of those documents, visitors must also submit a record of their accommodations and travel plans while in-country.

Still Closed: 

Other countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, the UKAustria, along with most of the smaller nations in central Europe remain closed to “non-essential travel” for the time being but with the EU’s recommendation, Ski.com expects that travel options to these locations should be forthcoming. Andorra also remains closed to international travel from the US.

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