Holiday Gift Ideas For The Snow Lover In Your Life

As the holiday season starts to ramp up, gifts are on our minds here at Because we love gift-giving, we have curated a collection of gifts for the winter season.  Watch their eyes sparkle as they unwrap the best gift of the season. Also, who doesn’t love humble bragging points around family dinners? That’s right, set yourself up to give the best gift of the year. So, check out our list of the best holiday gifts for this ski season. These isn’t just a random assortment of gifts either – proudly calls each of these brands a partner and friend of This is what the team wears, and what we want to share with the world. 


Dakine bags have earned their place as the go-to bag for traveling skiers and snowboarders for a reason. Their reputation as an industry standard stems from their exceptional quality, durability and useful designs. From the robust materials used in construction to the reinforced stitching and specialized compartments, they are created with snowboard and ski travelers top of mind. We spoke with their team for the hand-picked favorites this holiday season. Give the gift of adventure to your favorite people. 

blackcrows skis: 

blackcrows is more than just a ski brand that creates stellar equipment. The brand sees skiing as a medium through which individuals can connect with nature, challenge their limits and experience the thrill of exploration. The ethos of blackcrows reflects a profound appreciation for the unique culture that surrounds skiing, acknowledging it as a gateway to amazing landscapes and community with a shared sense of adventure. And that friends, is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the season. 

Strafe Outerwear: 

For the adrenaline junkies in your life, look no further than Strafe. Neighbors to based in Aspen, Colorado, this brand is rooted in building gear capable of performing across all conditions. Strafe is dedicated to creating apparel that transcends boundaries and adapts to the ever-changing mountain environment. Rooted in the heart of adventure, Strafe is a collective of passionate individuals whose love for the mountains is reflected in every detail of their modern apparel. Here are our favorite products. 



Giro has been absolutely dominating at what they do for more than 30 years. They are an industry steadfast. Their mantra of “You made us do it” encapsulates Giro’s ethos – a dedication to individuals who engage in feats that push the boundary of convention. Give the gift of Giro to the people in your life who dare to do what most would not consider, who crave the thrill of fast speeds and steep descents and who live a life pushing their boundaries. Check out our favorite products below 👇


namuk is headquartered in the heart of the Swiss Alps with a mission that echoes the natural beauty that surrounds it and the people and culture that give it heart. Their brand is dedicated to making childrens clothing for the little adventurer. By creating innovative, durable and stylish clothing, namuk empowers kids to discover and fall in love with nature. namuk clothing goes beyond fostering a love of nature for the next generation. This is the teams top pick for the little ones in your life. And the teams favorite this season? 


James Niehues Coffee Table Book:

Whether the person in your life is a seasoned skier or just an enthusiast, this book unveils the mastery of art behind iconic trail maps that exist at resorts throughout the globe. The book is a chronicle of James Niehues’ life’s work and a testament to the artists dedication to capturing the essence of each mountain range and resort he paints. Featuring nearly 200 ski resorts, each page of this full-color and timeless design is an iconic piece of art and history.


The To The Mountains brand store is based in Aspen, Colorado and created from the brand. Our team is built from a group of outdoor enthusiasts who live, work and play in the mountains. We are more than just a few outdoor die-hards; we are a community of dreamers, adventurers and mountain aficionados. Our passion is deeply rooted in the heart of the mountains, where we work AND play. To The Mountains apparel is perfect for everyone who lives for secret powder stashes, tree runs, endless snow, après and crisp mountain air. From beanies to sweatshirts to hats, we have got your love of the mountains covered. And to show our token of appreciation, we are offering twenty percent off through 12/22/23 for all your gifting giving needs. Use code HOLIDAY20 through 12/22.