The team at was blown away by the love shown in each letter, and we encourage everyone to continue to channel those same feelings as we collectively get through this difficult time away from the mountains. After reviewing more than 100 love letters, we were too inspired to settle on just one.

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We are proud to announce 3 separate winners, all of whom will receive a $50 gift card towards takeout après at the restaurant of their choice, and a swag bag to help keep the stoke in tact until next ski season. To view all the love letters (and yes, they are all worth reading), just check out the comments in this Facebook post or this Instagram post.

Michael Scott

And the winners are… 

Mitch DeLaplane

Dear Skis,

I believe I have always been honest with you, and to that I must bestow another bit of truth. As the great westerly winds blow fresh POW across the deserted Rockies, over the still lifts of Jackson Hole, and through the tall pines of Lake Tahoe, I find myself longing for your binding embrace. Some may think I’m silly or simply playing the fool, but, I have always seen you as more than expertly crafted, modern marvels of snow travel…no, to me you are my companions. Who have been far warmer to me than my ex-wife Charlene. And while you haven’t always been forthright with me, and on occasion have been the cause of many a bruise, folly and almost my demise…I miss you and am sad to see our time together cut short. Though the health and welfare of everyone who skis beside us is far more important than our pesky longings of 360°s, 540 tail grabs, alley oops, corkscrew 720s, iron crosses and other spectacles that have delighted so many crowds and sun kissed snow bunnies in the past. So, to that I say, let us wish the world a speedy recovery while you enjoy the cozy confines of storage knowing full well, you will slalom in the sun another day. That, is a promise. And on that day we will look out upon the peaks and valleys of this beautiful planet a little more humbled, a little more grateful and dare say, a little more resilient. We will then pull down our goggles and move forward, ready to encounter whatever new obstacles life has in store for us.

Bound to you forever,


Lili Kushnir

To to my dearest Rossignols,

Many people who came down the mountain, joyfully skiing
Now come down with a case of coronavirus, coughing and sneezing.

As I watched the sickly numbers grow
My snow filled spring break plans all had to go.

Along with other upset, sad, unfortunate souls
Who are thinking about their Rossignols,
I will always show my love.

And let’s not forget the small guys; jacket, helmet and gloves
When we’re together I feel like I can fly
So our love, Rossignols, will never die …



Daniel Bonner

My dear lovely Never Summer Proto Type II snowboard,

I’ve been thinking about sending you a letter to tell you how special you are, but sending it in the mail would take too long considering the circumstances of what seperated us in the first place for the time being.

In this considerably long period which feels like an eternity without you I’ve realized how much you mean to me and how special you really are.

You are the most amazing board that any one could ask for, with that beautiful Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, stunning twin twintip design and those sexy asymmetrical curves you drive me crazy and make it possible for us to shred the entire mountain together.
Even your top sheet graphic is beautiful. Although I don’t tell you as often as I should, I actually like everything about you and I mean everything I say. You mean the world to me.

You are a little angel who fell from heaven, you always love me even when I behave badly and you always help me to improve my riding. I would be lost without you and yearn for the days when we are close to one another again.

I would like to spend all my free time with you and am confident that these difficult times of being apart will end soon and will only make our love stronger.

I love you more than you can understand and spend my days thinking about this past winter when we were together and next winter when we are together again.

Yours forever,

Dan for Fun