We will waltz together again.

If you’re reading this then you already know, ski season is canceled. But all is not lost. If we keep up the social distancing and practice good hygiene, we can all return to normal and this moment in time will eventually be transformed into a memory that will empower us the rest of our lives.

Until then, it’s staying inside and looking at the skis or snowboard resting against the wall. If you’re like me, you constantly dote on your planks and aren’t ashamed of expressing your adoration via a love letter.

Please share your ski or snowboard love letter in the comment section of this Facebook Post or Instagram Post and be entered to win a $50 gift card to the takeout eatery of your choice as well as a Ski.com Swag Bag!

Here’s my love letter to my Elan Ripstick 106’s… I’m not crying, you’re crying….

Dear Elan Ripstick 106’s,

Since I first laid eyes on you, via that Google search query, I knew our love was true. Full cap construction, asymmetrical design, and bomber edges, when the UPS man dropped you on my stoop, I caressed you without hesitation. Peeling off your plastic dress, I flexed each plank tip to tail before placing you on the wall to rest. There, I  appreciated your grace, your topsheet, your base.

When I gaze upon your beautiful frame, I’m transported back,to bleach white alpine basins, Elan Ripsticks under my feet. In time, likely late, we’ll waltz together again and remember the old cliche anew: “distance DID make the heart grow fonder.”



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Stay home. Stay healthy.

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