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    Plan your next family ski trip on zoom with a Ski.com Expert

    Have you run out of things to talk about on your family Zoom calls? Your cousin’s fantasy football team isn’t doing well? That’s a shame. Your uncle keeps raving about his favorite alcohol delivery service? Neat. Your parents go into way too much detail about their latest Netflix binge? Fascinating!

    On your next Zoom get-together, ditch the boring small talk and focus on something you can all get behind: where to go on this year’s ski vacation. But rather than talking in circles while trying to figure out where you want to go and the latest regulations there, invite a Ski.com Mountain Travel Expert to join your call and lead the way. Through a Zoom chat, our experienced Expert will listen to the things that are important to you, like terrain, accommodations, budget and restrictions and then present curated options to you in real time. By the end of the process, you might even feel like your Travel Expert is part of the family.

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