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    Snowbird Intermediate Skiing

    With the majority−38-percent− of its 2,500 acres designated for intermediates, and the incredible splendor of the surrounding mountains, the Snowbird intermediate skiing is an experience not to be missed. Intermediate skiers have their pick of terrain off of all of Snowbird’s nine chairlifts. However, skiers should always consider the fact that terrain ratings are subjective to the resort. For example, a blue square run at Park City can be very different than a blue square run at Snowbird. All of Snowbird’s terrain is steeper and more challenging that the majority of Salt Lake City ski resorts. Therefore, intermediate skiers should test out the terrain on the bottom half of the mountain before hopping on the Tram.

    Snowbird Intermediate Terrain

    Intermediate skiers who have never skied at Snowbird, should start off by feeling out the terrain off of Mid Gad Lift. From the main base area, you can take a shuttle or ski on Creek Road. Big Emma, which has sections that are designated as both blue square, but is mostly a green circle run, is a great warm up run and  perfect to help determine what the rest of the mountain will ski like. Once you feel comfortable, head to Gad 2, where you can enjoy epic views of Baldy’s Bowl. Try leg-burning groomers like Bassakwards back to the bottom of Mid Gad or Gadzoom Quad Lift, for a little more vert. 

    If you’re feeling strong, head up the Tram, which rises 2,900 feet. From the top of the Tram you have a couple options. If you’re looking for an adventure, hop on the magic carpet and through the tunnel to expansive bowls of Mineral Basin. Bassanova is the one true intermediate run in Mineral Basin, but the novice runs are also sure to please. If you’re looking to test your skills try Path to Paradise to Junior’s Powder Paradise, which is rated as black diamond/blue square run. This run is surrounded by black diamond runs, so once you decided to head there, you’re in it for the long haul.

    From the top of the Tram you can also explore Hidden Peak and Peruvian Gulch via advanced intermediate trail Chip’s Run. This long cruiser will take skiers back to the Snowbird, and provides a good understanding of looker’s left side of the resort.

    To learn more about Snowbird intermediate skiing call, or chat with, one of Ski.com’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists.