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Standard policy
Cancel for any reasons policy
Airline Name Template.
TSA Security
Basic Economy Restrictions
Group Passenger Information and Insurance Form
Group Hotel Rooming List
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Ground Transportation

If transfers are included in your group package, everyone must arrive and depart on the scheduled group flights. Those deviating from the group flights are not guaranteed ground transportation as part of their package. Unless otherwise noted on your group contract, any stops in the route between the airport and your lodging must be scheduled and are at an additional cost. If your group is requesting a stop, please let me know as soon as possible so that schedule and pricing can be confirmed.

Frequent Flier Information

For Delta and United Airlines. Delta and United Airlines have changed the mileage structure in which customers earn miles when purchasing tickets. Group fares, referred to as reduced rate third-party tickets will not earn full mileage credit. Delta credits are based on the class of service of group contract and will only earn 25%, 50% or 75% of mileage accrued. United will earn award miles based on a percentage of the distance flown and will earn 50% or 75% of mileage accrued based on group purchased fare class. Check directly with your frequent flyer provider for further details and questions. If you are flying Southwest Rapid Rewards need to be added by individuals after travel is complete

Travel Insurance

As part of the family, our travel insurance provider is AIG. Above is a link to a pdf with information on insurance coverage, you can send this information on to your participants by downloading the pdf and emailing it to them. Should you need to cancel, your right to a refund is limited even when cancelling for a medical reason. We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance for all passengers. Please distribute this information to all participants. Should they have specific questions on coverage, call 877-249-5376. AIG Agents will be glad to answer questions concerning coverage, but this coverage must be purchased from SKI.COM.

Standard insurance coverage is 7.25% of the total cost of your trip. (if the package is $1000, insurance coverage is $72.50. If someone is taking a package without air and the deduction is $300 off of that price, coverage amount would be $700 or $50.75.)

To purchase trip insurance please have your individual members contact our group coordinators via email.

The members will need to know the total cost of their trip, this is what the cost of the insurance is based on. They will need to provide their street address, current email address, date of birth and contact phone number. The coordinators will then email a payment link to the guest, who will then be able to pay for their insurance online via Credit Card, PayPal or ACH. Please contact us at A notification of insurance will be emailed to each passenger who purchases insurance. Travel insurance can only be purchased up until the time final payment is made. Once a passenger makes final payment, we are no longer allowed to offer this coverage.

Airline Name List

Please find an air list to download above, this is a SKI.COM Group Passenger Name form. You must submit names on this form, in this format only. United Airlines will not accept them in any other manner. The airlines require us to collect Secure Flight Information from each of your participants to fulfill TSA’s domestic passenger requirements. The required information includes: First, Middle and Last name as appears on your identification card – NO NICKNAMES, Gender, and Date of Birth. **Please note that without these details for each passenger, tickets cannot be issued for the entire group. ** The information is required when the names are given. Any seat assignment request (should your carrier accept those) or another special request also must be submitted at this time. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT AND NAMES ARE SPELLED CORRECTLY. THERE IS A FEE TO REISSUE MISSPELLED AIRLINE TICKETS. Please email completed forms to your group agent.

If there are any additional fuel surcharges or taxes imposed by the airlines or government prior to your final invoice, we will advise as soon as we are notified to allow you to collect from the passengers.

Correspondence and Payments

Please Reference this booking number on all correspondence/checks. Club Name - Trip Dates - Destination - SKI.COM CONFIRMATION # found on your contract. Please also reference your club name in the subject line of all emails.

All checks need to be sent to our Glenwood Springs office-1512 Grand Avenue, Suite 212 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. Please allow 5 – 7 business days for checks to arrive in our office as the mail delivery in the mountains can be a bit slow. It is imperative we receive payments in a timely manner as we base these dates on when payments are due to vendors. We also have the option of paying by ACH (electronic check), which is a secure, efficient way for clubs to process payments. No stamps needed! Please contact us if your organization is open to ACH and that is not how you currently pay us. ACH form can be sent to me for processing.