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    Ski Resorts In Chile

    If you’re looking for some of South America’s most reliable conditions and deepest snow, Chile is the place to go.

    Located near the Western Hemisphere’s largest mountain, Aconcagua, Portillo’s high, dry climate produces incredible light, fluffy and deep snow. But skiing is just half the attraction. The classically appointed Hotel Portillo is a timeless experience that combines one of a kind dining that pairs perfectly with a community feel unique to any resort.

    Further south and slightly closer to Santiago, Valle Nevado also sits at a high elevation and provides skiers and snowboarders with 3,500 acres of skiing and the most snow in Chile with 275" per season on average.


    See our best-selling resorts in Chile via the map below and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our 65+ Mountain Travel Experts over the phone at (800) 299-0656.


    If you know the resort that you want, you can navigate there by clicking a link below.

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    Map of Chile ski resorts

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    Vacation Expert Tip

    August is generally the best time to venture to the Chilean Andes for summer skiing. By then the lion's share of the terrain is open and the student holidays are over.

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