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    From air, lodging and excursions to ground transfers, lift tickets and equipment rentals, We will manage all your trip components so you and your group can get the most out of your time playing in the mountains and building memories that will last a lifetime.
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    *based on the average of all overall experience ratings given in traveler reviews.


    Everyone at the Canyons is so extremely NICE and FRIENDLY and so overwhelming willing to assist you! This trip was a breeze!~ Except for the fact there was a minimal amount of snow, this was a wonderful spot to spend the holidays!

    Enjoyed the Canyons

    Will definitely go back, but dissatisfied with the choices after ski restaurants and poor customer service (Alpine House stated they were out of propane for outdoor heater.) Lack of full bars on the mountain

    Great Mountain

    Loved the mountain, we were there during a President's week and the crowds were not bad at all. So much terrain to ski, once you get out of the main base area there were hardly any liftlines. Best advice get onto the mountain early before the liftlines form at the gondola and the bubble chair. Also avoid Cloud Dine lodge from from 11:30 to 1:30. Best bet is to eat at one of the outside locations, we're diehards so we skied from 9-3 without a break so finding a place to eat was not a big issue. If you were there with a big party during a holiday week and want to eat, it could be an issue. The village has a minimal selection of choices to eat. We like to eat a big breakfast and go all day. Not many choices at the mountain, unless you want to pay 18 bucks for a breakfeast buffet. The mountain itself has plenty to offer in the way of variety, we found the double blacks a good challenge and plenty of tree skiing for all levels of ability.

    Love the Cantons

    My family all meet for 6 days & 5 nights in the Canyons. The skiing was excellent. 2-10 to 2-15 2011. The condo at Silverado was fabulous. We all had our own room and our own bathrooms. Hot tub, out side pool The staff was friendly and always there to help. We went into Park City which was a beautiful and a blast. The Canyons is the place to stay for a reasonable price for the stay and the abilty to access all other adres close by. We all had a GREAT time!

    2011 The Canyons

    Went alone January 11-16th 2011 and had a blast. The resort didnt have any fresh snow for about 10 days (of course they got dumped on the day i left) but the conditions were still great. The mountain staff all had smiles on their faces and were as friendly as you could be. I had the pass to ski any of the 3 Park City resorts (Canyons,Park City, Deer Valley) but never left The Canyons. The only "cons" i can come up with may be the lack of "beginner" trails and lack of nightlife(just take the free shuttle to Park City). Overall, The Canyons has a ton of different terrain, the back country is sick, and that heated bubble chair is amazing. See you next year Canyons!!

    Canyons/Grand Summit

    The accomodations at the Grand Summit were perfect. As close to the lifts as you can get, breakfast buffet (delicious), ski check (perfecto), views of the mountain (the best). The shuttle transportation was pretty poor. One shuttle very 30 minutes for 5 stops, not very good. Certainly need to take a look at a system like Steamboat (Colorado). Taxi service, not a problem, rather easy and accessible. Though the pricing was very inconsistent.

    Great Destination

    First ski trip to Utah and Park City area - awesome! I found the Canyons side to be a great place both in terms of lodging and skiing. The Canyons offers lots of terrain for all abilities and is well laid out - not a lot of wasted time getting on/off/across the mountain(s). Did not see a weekday lift line once during our stay. Solid, convenient amenities (food, lodges, shops) and conveniently close to everything. The Canyons Base Village to Main Street, Park City is maybe a 10 minute drive. With Deer Valley just up the road, you have a lot of options for mixing it up.

    Disappointed in conditions

    The Canyons had received very little snow when we arrived in late December. Not all of the runs were open, and many that were had very thin cover. The slopes were crowded during this peak week, compounded by the fact that skiers could not spread out over the entire mountain and were concentrated in the open areas. These shortcomings were all related to the one thing that can't be controlled...the weather. However, one thing the resort needs to improve is signage on the mountain. The Canyons has fewer directional signs at critical points than any resort we've visited. They should hire someone like me, who has never skied the resort before, to tell them where signs need to be placed.\nHaving said all that, the runs we could ski were fabulous, and I could envison a resort with lots of snow that would rank with the best of them.\n

    the canyons was great

    the canyons was a great place for my family and i to come vacations. all the staff at the canyons was extremely nice and helpful. the mountain is fun and big and is great for all levels if skiiers.

    Great Resort....No lift lines!!!

    First let me start this off by commenting on how close (and convenient) the airport is to the resort. From rental car pick up to the front door of Red Pine Condo was about 40 minutes. Side note: since you have to check in off site (about 2 miles past the resort) take this time to stop by Albertsons on the drive back to pick up some much needed supplies and food. All in all our trip was stress free and a complete blast, here are some specific comments…. \n\n THE RESORT: The Canyons is a wonderful mountain but the majority of runs are tailored to intermediate and advanced riders. Good news for beginners they have set aside private green run areas just south of the base. The mountain is huge and very spread out, the best and most private areas were definitely on the Southern side. I think though our entire 4 days of skiing the most we ever waited for a lift was about 45 seconds, 80% of the time there was no wait. Little tip for some deep powder, drop in the Ninety-Nine 90 backcountry and head towards the tree line just above 94 Turns and Talus Garden. If you are going to eat on the mountain head over to Lookout Cabin and request an outside table. Here you will find the best food and the best view of the resort, definitely top 5 most amazing hamburger I have ever had. \n\n THE CONDO: Check in at Resort Quest was a breeze, even at 10pm the attendant was very quick and had us on our way with all the info we needed. Upon arriving to Red Pine our 1/1 Silver unit was very clean and well updated. Also, a huge plus for couples….separate sink/mirror rooms that join the bathroom, this made gearing up at 7am a breeze. All in all, the unit was well appointed and spacious. The kitchen was also well equipped and perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Parking was just outside the door and never crowded, we always found a spot upon arrival. The Cabriolet which takes you to the resort base is about 200 yards away, but note it is an uphill walk coming home which is why we opted to drive to the lift parking lot which made end of day returns much more comfortable.