cheapest day to book a flight
Photo: Aspen Snowmass

Late in 2016, Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation released the 2017 Global Air Travel Trends, an analysis of billions of data points to spot trends that the modern traveler can use to book with intelligence in 2017. The study unveiled several important nuggets for air travelers. Here they are:

  • Average Ticket Prices (ATPs) continue to drop around the world.
  • Generally, the best deals on airplane tickets can be found if the tickets are purchased on weekends, Sunday in particular, more than 21 days in advance.
  • In most parts of the world, trips with Saturday-night stays still are priced best.
  • Increased competition is a good thing for travelers; more flights from more airlines mean more options for consumers.
  • Bundling your travel products, for example, flight and hotel, by booking more than one at the same time can provide big savings.