One of the best parts of a summer mountain vacation is the wildlife viewing opportunities. Most ski resorts are located on or bordering national parks or Forest Service land, making them prime destinations for spotting herds of elk, families of bears, majestic moose or soaring eagles. Animals come out of hibernation or migrate to lush meadows during summer months, when the mountain wildlife population peaks.

Certain ski resorts are known as ideal habitats for specific wildlife. For example, if you’re hoping to spot a grizzly, head to Yellowstone or Teton National Park next to Jackson Hole. If you’d love to meet a moose (at a safe distance!), a good bet is Big Sky. Banff  National Park is home to 53 species of mammals including elusive grey wolves, and Steamboat Springs has many adorable black bears.

Whichever ski resort you visit during the summer, you’ll likely spot some very cute critters while exploring the hiking and biking trails. Here are a few of our favorite recent sightings at ski resorts.

Please be cautious when viewing wildlife! Always remain at a safe distance and heed local signage and advisories.


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