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Editor’s Note: We have so many excellent questions about Banff and Lake Louise, we enlisted help from our friends at Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine. They fielded some of the great questions that didn’t quite make the Legends’ list but are still very important when planning a Banff and Lake Louise ski vacation! If you haven’t entered to win, visit our Facebook and ask your question!  

Would this be a good destination for a “family friendly” ski trip and why? (asked by Brandon Byquist)
We’re all about making our mountains accessible for families on a ski trip. First up would be the young ones; each resort offers daycare facilities if tots are too small to ski. The Lake Louise Ski Resort actually offers daycare for infants as young as 18 days! When kids get a little older, there are ski lessons for a range of ages depending on ability and age. You can opt for a family lesson or perhaps pop your pups in a lesson (half-day or full) while you enjoy exploring the mountain before reuniting. The terrain parks at each resort may interest some of the older kids and teenagers as they test their skills on the jumps, rails and boxes. Sizes range from Small to XL.

It’s worth knowing that the resorts offer non-ski activities like snow tubing or snowshoeing to keep everyone entertained, especially those who want to rest  their ski legs. Mt. Norquay also offers the only night skiing in Banff National Park, so if you want to keep things interesting you can spend the day out shopping/exploring and the night time skiing and tubing!

How long is the ski season in Banff & Lake Louise? (asked by Joseph Sennewald)
We open our runs mid-November and they stay that way until the end of May (yes, May!). We have one of the longest, non-glacial ski seasons in North America. Plus our snow stays light, dry and fluffy throughout!

Is there a more beautiful place to ski than Lake Louise and Banff? There can’t be! (asked by Wayne Fisher)
We might be a little biased Wayne, but we’d be inclined to say no. We’re so proud of our destination and the experiences it can offer all who visit, that we want to extend the invitation to as many people around the world as possible. The beauty of Banff-Lake Louise is so incredible it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. That coupled with the fact the three ski resorts are located in a National Park, means all our surrounding environment is protected, and always will be. You won’t see high-rise condos dominating the mountains, just pristine wilderness. Nature rules in this part of the world, and it always will!

What attractions would you recommend that first-time visitors not miss? (asked by Caroline Montgomery)
We’d say while you’re in Banff-Lake Louise you want to tick off skiing at Canada’s Big 3 resorts; Mt. Norquay, the Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village. As we represent all three mountains you can use our tri-area ticket that gives you access to all  on one ticket so all you have to do is wake up and decide where to ski. From there you can see the major sites at each resort, not forgetting the great events that happen year round!

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