It’s a funny thing to be a skier or snowboarder. Our happiness is dependent one big factor that’s out of our control: weather.  Some might say that this reliance on unpredictable snow forecasts and actual snowfall shows that we all have a screw loose. However, if you’re hooked on skiing and snowboarding like we are, then you’re asking the same question right now—is the snow going to be awesome at my home resort this winter?

As winter approaches, our collective attention on snow forecasts peaks. We start combing weather websites for clues, comparing expert opinions and indulging in superstitious behavior (because sacrificing a pair of skis to the snow gods can’t hurt, right?!). But there’s another sign of our affliction that puzzles non-skiers: we get ridiculously excited at the sight of new-snow photos, whether it’s a sad centimeter weighing down the last summer blooms or an early-season dump covering ski runs with a promising base layer.

In homage to our shared psychosis, we are posting all the best new-snow photos (and perhaps a video or two) from ski resorts around the world. Check back here for the latest and greatest eye candy that will affirm our hopes… it will in fact snow this ski season.

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Photos of new snow at ski resorts