Many Western ski resorts see more than a foot of snow

Generally speaking, December isn’t known to be a particularly snowy winter month, especially when compared to February or March, but we’re overjoyed that it’s shaping up to be just that. If you have a Rocky Mountain holiday ski vacation planned, or are considering on booking one (check out our deals), the odds of it being a white one are in your favor. At the very least, you can expect great snow conditions and lots of open terrain thanks to a cold and snowy November.

In the latest snow news, a heavy, cold snow storm that was forecasted to produce double digit snowfall delivered the goods early Tuesday, December 3  into Wednesday, December 4 for many ski resorts in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. About one dozen resorts saw totals of more than a foot — and some even more than two feet.

At the top of the snowfall total list:

*These resorts have not updated their snow report feed, yet—too busy out enjoying the freshies, apparently.

The snow is still falling over much of Colorado, and is expected to continue through Wednesday evening. If you were able to get out and enjoy some powder turns today we’d love to see you in action, so please share your photos to our Instagram handle (@skicom) or on our Facebook wall.

About Author: Leah Boucher
Originally from the icy trails of New Jersey, I moved West to pursue powder and a career in writing and editing. Now living in Aspen, Colo. and working for as Director of SEO + Content, I've been able to combine a litany of skills, passions and interests. You'll find me skiing at Aspen Mountain or Aspen Highlands in the winter and mountain biking at Snowmass in the summer.


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