Thanks to neon colorways, 200-plus-centimeter straight skis, flowing hair, ski babes, Zinka and single-frame sunglasses, the ’80s are fondly remembered as a really cool time to be a skier. That’s probably why locals across Ski Country celebrate this illustrious decade every spring—and especially on Closing Day—by bedecking themselves in retro outerwear, vintage-style sunnies and even old straight skis. To help you join in on-mountain fun, here are some tips for harnessing an on-point ’80s ski getup.

1. Track down a neon onesie or bright sweater/turtleneck combo

Ski town thrift and consignment stores are the best places to find these coveted threads, but you might be surprised by what older friends and family members have in the attic. If all fails, you can always buy the duds online at or


2. Don single-frame sunglasses (aviators and wayfarers will do fine, too)

Back in the 80s, Alpina had the single-frame market on lock down. For more than 20 years this popular look was relegated to lucky owners who were able to hang on to them over the years. To the relief of ’80s ski day enthusiasts, Pit Viper, a trendy Salt Lake City-based optics company, has assuaged the demand for durable, single-frame sunnies.


3. Liberally slather your lips and nose with colorful zinc oxide

Note: Make sure your still apply regular sunscreen or you’ll be dealing with one bizarre-looking sunburn.

4. Sport a pair of old straight skis (a monoski will also work well)

Maneuvering on the slopes on old school straight skis can be challenging if you’re not used to them, but it will earn you ultimate ’80s points.

5. Accessorize as much as possible

Fanny packs and headbands should be top priorities, but fur coats, jean jackets, vests, scrunchies and neon neck gaters will also help complete the look.

6. Pin down your technique

If you enjoy defying gravity, daffys and spread eagles are classic ’80s tricks that will earn you chairlift cheers. If you’re looking to carve up the slushy corduroy in style, make sure your legs are close together—preferably in an A-frame—and be sure to exaggerate the hip swivel and pole plant.

For additional inspiration we complied a mix of contemporary and classic ’80s ski videos.

Vail ’80s ski day | Vail, Colorado

Banff Sunshine Village ’80s ski day | Alberta, Canada

Engelberg ’80s ski day | Engelberg, Switzerland

Stowe ’80s Ski Day | Stowe, Vermont

Big White ’80s ski day | Kelowna, B.C., Canada

Once you have collected your “rad” retro outfit head to one of these resorts for fun-filled 2015 spring events. If you would like additional suggestions for a spring skiing trip or ’80s ski outfit tips call one of our seasoned Mountain Travel Experts at 800-610-8911.